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Our business coaching center is an outgrowth of E-Myth Worldwide, and was built in collaboration with , author of The E-Myth Revisited.  Our business coaches work with clients throughout the United States and internationally to coach them through the process of reinventing their businesses. We strive to provide our clients with the information to become world-class businesses that work predictably and consistently, for the owner, and not just because of them.


What is the E-Myth Mastery Impact!™ Business Coaching Program?

Developed over 30 years and successfully used in more than 52,000 businesses, it is a set of comprehensive, integrated, proprietary solutions that address frustrations and uncover opportunities typical to every small business owner.

The Mastery solutions are key to transforming any small business into a growing, profitable enterprise while giving the owner more personal freedom and a superior quality of life.  The Mastery Impact!™ Program is delivered through an interactive relationship between a business owner and a Certified E-Myth Business Coach during which business development is initiated and perpetuated.

Best of all, the business owner never has to leave their place of business because Mastery materials are delivered directly to them.  Business coaching meetings are typically conducted by phone and information is transferred between coach and business owner by email or fax in a very practical and doable format that gives every business owner—no matter what kind of business—a completely customized result. 

How E-Myth Business Coaching is Different

E-Myth has earned its worldwide reputation as the legendary business coaching pioneer.  Our approach does not fragment the different coaching areas but provides an integrated approach.  This integrated approach has been recognized for the past 30 years for its ability to deliver real results in real time.  At Benchmark Business Group, our business coaches are firmly rooted in the E-Myth Point of View and the Five Core Principles, as introduced by

What do our E-Myth Certified Business Coaches Do?

The Certified E-Myth Business Coach is a catalyst for the E-Myth Mastery Impact! Program.  Our business coaches are passionately committed to collaborating with clients to get results!  They are specially trained in and have a deep understanding of the business development processes that impact the short and long term results needed by their clients.  Our Coaches specialize in working with clients to identify the underlying conditions that are preventing a business from achieving needed results.  The Business Coach will hold the business owner accountable to learn new business techniques and identify areas of opportunity, keeping them on track with their business development activities and encouraging them as they go forward to implement the proven E-Myth processes in their businesses.  Business Coaches are trained to be masters of the right question at the right time and as a result, the business owner can rely upon their E-Myth Business Coach to be objective, give them solid feedback, help to identify what may be standing in the way of their progress and work with them to remove those barriers.   

What can an E-Myth Business Coach do for You?

To discuss what an E-Myth Business Coach can do for your business, contact us today.  It's time to start working on your business and not just in it!

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