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Benchmark Business Group owns and delivers a proprietary Financial Services coaching program which is a proven blueprint for Agency success. The Optimal Outcome coaching program is unlike anything on the market. It turns the current business model of burnout for financial professionals upside down – providing a step-by-step method to design an Agency that adds optimal value to their lives, instead of draining the life out of them.

Our Financial Services Coaches have coached and consulted at all levels of the Financial Services industry. With over 40 years of combined financial services industry coaching experience and over 50 years of business coaching experience, Benchmark Coaches have worked with hundreds of Agency owners to transform the results they achieve; individually, and through their Agencies.

  • Agents and Advisors Coaching

Our Agent and Advisor clients transform from being professionals that sell insurance products and financial services to being Agency owners of a business that sells financial services products and services. Our business coaches have worked with hundreds of financial services business owners to achieve extraordinary success. Adopting our Optimal Outcome program proprietary tools and best practices enable Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors to expand their abilities to achieve results and grow their Agencies to ensure optimal results. See more about our proven Agent/Advisor Coaching



The problem with the standard Financial Services Business Model

The financial services profession is an extraordinary opportunity for success, yet has an extraordinarily high rate of failure. Successful, capable individuals enter the profession each year filled with high hopes of success. Less than half make it beyond three years, and those that remain do so from continuous hard work and long hours. Most of these never achieve the dreams they had entering the profession. Those that leave within the first three years do so because they have lost all hope of figuring out how to be successful. These professionals failed to recognize the blueprint they were using is flawed, and they failed to understand how to create a blueprint for success.

Is Your Business A Blueprint for Burnout?

The vast majority of financial services professionals are working off of a blueprint for burnout. Their growth strategies depend on them working harder and longer, setting more appointments, seeing more people, and writing more business. Some professionals even learn to be smarter about working longer and harder – thereby creating a smarter blueprint for burnout.

Build Your Business using a Blueprint for Success

There is a new blueprint – one designed to provide professionals with a clear path for success. It is called Optimal Outcome. It delivers the tools and best practices for designing and growing a financial services business that won’t burn you out. The Optimal Outcome coaching program  consists of a set of Success Skill Blocks with ready-to-go tools and best practices for financial services professionals to infuse with their unique style and put into action in their agencies.

Optimal Outcome Coaches

Understanding what it takes to design and grow a successful Agency, our Financial Services Coaches are certified to deliver the proprietary set of solutions for organizing, growing, and leading a financial services business. Working with Agents and Advisors, Benchmark Coaches provide in depth guidance and direction on implementing the Optimal Outcome best practices. More than anything else, what our clients say they love about working with their coach is having an accountability partner to provide them objective feedback, input on actions and strategies, and to keep them on track to implementing changes and achieving their goals.

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