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Are you ready to increase the value of your business?

Get started right now, by getting your Value Builder Score ™, a 15-minute assessment that measures your business against the eight key drivers of business value.  You'll gain an immediate sense of where your business scores.  Your results are confidential, and we will connect you with one of our Certified Value Builder™ Advisors for a complimentary, one-hour conversation to discuss building the value of your business.

Design your Business to Maximize Value

The sole purpose of owning a business is to realize value. What value means to you could be different, but for the most part, business owners consistently want three things while they run their business:  More Time, More Profit and More Freedom.  And one day, when it's time to exit their business, business owners want:  More Options, More Offers, and More Profit.

A business that is built to sell is a business that is built to own.  A business that is designed to maximize value provides you with the best of both worlds.  As you work to increase the value of your business to provide more options when you're ready to sell, whether that's in 20 years or 5 years, you'll also create a business that is more enjoyable to own. 

Many business owners are too busy running their business that they don't make the time to design their business.  Your business is most likely your biggest asset, it might even be your retirement plan.  Yet, in our work helping business owners sell their business,  we've seen too many business owners that are not designed to maximize their value. When they do go to sell their business, they are shocked at how little the market will pay for their decades of hard work.

Make no mistake, decisions you make today will impact the options you have when it’s time to exit your business. It's never too early to start working on increasing the value of your business.  The time is now.

Why the Value Builder System

Based on John Warrillow's best-selling book, Built to Sell, the Value Builder System™ is a proven methodology for increasing business value.  In a study of 30,000+ businesses, those that improve their Value Builder Score™, to 80 or higher go on to sell their business at a 71% premium compared to average-scoring businesses.

The Value Builder System™ is easy to understand, yet remarkably accurate, method for understanding the Eight Key Drivers of Business Value.  In 15-minutes, you can not only identify how your business scores today, but begin to see strengths and threats that will impact the value of your business in the future.

This allows you to design your business to provide you with More Options, More Offers, and More Profits, when you're ready to exit.  

Unique Combination

Value Builder Mastermind Group - Des Moines IowaThere are many ways to increase business value within your business, but why choose one?  We've combined the power of business coaching, the value of experience from local Iowa entrepreneurial peers, the proven methodology of the Value Builder System™, and knowledge of business brokerage into a powerful methodology to design a business of value – the Value Builder Mastermind Group.


Mastermind Group Specifics

  • Meet locally in Des Moines for a monthly 4-hour meeting with entrepreneurs of similar sized businesses- This powerful meeting is facilitated by a Certified Value Builder™ Advisor to combine the experience of your peers with a proven methodology for increasing business value.
  • Monthly individual 1-hour meeting with Certified Value Builder™ Advisor- Harness the power of individual business coaching to focus on implementing key ideas to increase the value of your business.
  • Access your Value Builder Score, Report, and Platform- a baseline for discovering the sellability of your business using the 8 key drivers and specific actions to increase the value of your business using online tutorials and exercises.
  • Receive an opinion of value for your business- leverage our business brokerage experience to determine what the local market would pay for your business today, and why.
  • Groups are limited - to select local Iowa entrepreneurs and one business per industry.  Reserve your spot today, before your competition does.  
  • 12-month commitment to designing the value of your business - $995 monthly investment

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