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Call to Action

Last week you read about the Hot List and planning to fail. What did you do with those concepts?  

  • Have you formulated a Hot List?
  • Are you still planning to fail by failing to plan?
  • Have you planned how to contact the list but just haven't had the time?

Whatever your response may have been, it won't change the fact that now is the time to take action. Make one call from your Hot List. Just one. We dare you.

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Is Your Plan to Fail?

Do you have a plan in place for reaching out to your potential or most likely customers or clients? If not, according to Harvey MacKay, "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail." When you desire to grow your business, becoming clear on who you intend to reach and how you intend to reach them is of the utmost importance. There is one item that is essential as you plan to grow your sales - a Hot List.

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3 Business Disaster Essentials

No matter how bad it seems at the time, your business will go on in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The office could be wrecked, the store destroyed, the inventory ruined, the computers gone but you will move past all of that because you had the foresight to put together essential information and tools that will get your business back on its feet. In addition to the disaster checklist, the following are three essentials to get your business back up and running after a natural disaster.

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Your Business Interruption Checklist

"It won't happen to me." Have you ever stopped to think about how many business owners have made that statement or thought something similar? The simple truth is we never think a natural disaster will affect us, even though we see proof nearly every week that disasters can, and do happen. The most current example of this is the flooding that happened in Boulder County, Colorado last week.

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preparing for computer problems

Computers's a fact of business, but most small business owners are unprepared.  It's easy to think that it'll never happen to your business or that you already have a system in place to handle this. We know from experience that as much as we wish those two thoughts to be true, they are often not. So even if you have a system in place read these 3 tips and evaluate where your business is really at:

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Systems and Your Vision

Systems are a means to an end. And that end is your vision. As we've discussed, some argue that systems are robotic and kill creative environments.  And they can be....if you let them. The simple truth is that as a business owner, you control how systems are written and operated which influences that end result.   If you don't want to have a robotic and uncreative environment, let your Entrepreneur personality kick into gear.

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