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All business owners and leaders need the time and space to work on business strategy.  We firmly believe that a business is getting the exact results that it has been designed to get, which means if you want better results you must start with a better design.  Below are a collection of business articles on business strategy from our weekly Business Owner Insights.

When Things Happen "To" Your Business

One of the criticisms we often hear about systems is that you can't cover all scenarios with a system. The truth is, we couldn't agree more! As a business owner, the number of items that you HAVE to be concerned about can be overwhelming. The sheer amount of threats and opportunities out there are exactly why you need systems in the first place. You need to be free to react and even better take advantage of things that are outside of your control, which is difficult to do if you're putting out day-to-day fires from things that are within your control.

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Frustration-Free Management

Last week we discussed that in order to have your employees take ownership of a task you first need to define what taking ownership means to your business. If you haven't yet defined taking ownership, we encourage you to do so now or at least look at our sample definitionThis week, we recommend you focus on one task one employee should take ownership of.  

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Do Your Employees Own Their Position?

We often hear frustrated business owners question why they can't get more of their employees to take ownership of their roles. Is it the hiring? Is it the culture? Can you not hire great employees anymore? We've covered this in other articles and know there is a combination of factors at play here, but mostly it's that your business is designed to get the results you are currently getting. If you want more employees to take ownership, your business needs to do something different. This month we're going to look at what "something different" means. 

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While You Are Away

We see it again and again; business owners rarely take a vacation or planned time away from their business. They are drawn to the fact that the business will explode or implode in their absence. How can you leave when you (or another key person on your team) are the one who keeps the business together?

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Hiring Alternatives - Internal

In the last few weeks, we've encouraged you to study your capacity and the division of work in your business. As we've noted, the knee-jerk reaction for many businesses when things start to get busy is to hire, but it's not always the only solution. Below are a few internal solutions that can sometimes prevent the need to hire.

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