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Going back to our roots in E-Myth, we believe that leadership is a central piece of owning a business.  Your leadership skills as a business owner will impact every area of your business.  Over the years we often touch upon leadership in our Business Owner Insights and below is a collection of our leadership articles.

Does Your Culture Need a Tune Up?

Great leaders have a way of pulling the best out of their teams. They are able to connect a group of people to a vision and create a culture in which a team is able to overcome obstacles. While great leaders know the importance of building a great team, not...
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Do You Struggle With Delegating?

Delegation is a skill that many business leaders want to improve. We see leaders on all ends of the spectrum. On one end are those that delegate through abdication, where the control and result is left entirely up to the employee completing that task. This often leads to incomplete tasks,...
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Is Your Team Connected To Your Results?

We often hear from small business owners that they want their team to feel that their job is more than a paycheck. They want them to care about the work they do. To take pride in the quality of work and the success of the company. Take a moment and...
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Do You Have a Training Issue in your Business?

In many small businesses training takes a backseat to day-to-day functions. In some ways, it makes sense, there’s a lot to be accomplished and resources are limited. Therefore, training is easy to push to the bottom of your to-do list. However, a lack of training can cause frustrations and unneeded...
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Working From Home

The key to making remote work successful is to set employees up for success in the very beginning. However, due to COVID-19, what was initially considered to be a short-term need to work from home, has for many employees turned into an ongoing work from home situation without a clear...
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Time for Employee Appreciation

Without a doubt, a strong majority of the business owners we work with care about their team but often tell us how it’s hard to find the time to express their appreciation. They mean to do so, but the day slips away and the next thing they know it’s a...
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Increasing Your Ability to Influence

As a leader, there are times when you need to influence a situation. You might need to help an employee improve their performance. Or, ensure that a customer with a bad experience leaves happy. You might even need to negotiate a better deal with a vendor. In all these situations,...
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Never Give Up on Your Dream

Nelson Mandela’s quote is a testament to perseverance. There are many obstacles to overcome and struggles to work through as a business owner. Either in working toward a dream, putting out fires, or just the day-to-day minutia of operating a business. However, the business owner who perseveres through all of...
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What type of business owner do you want to be?

Tommy Lasorda's quote above was targeted to baseball players, but it is also relevant to business owners. We all have days that we wonder what happened, but we must not make that the norm for our business every day.
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