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Prospecting - 2010 Archive

Does your business have all the sales, leads, and prospects it needs?  Rarely does a business say yes to this question.   Most businesses are always looking to grow, which means they're always looking for new ways to prospect.   Below are a collection of articles on prospecting from our weekly Business Owner Insights.

The Three Rights of Lead Generation

Lead generation is the continuous activity of sending the right messages to the right markets, through the right delivery channels to gain attention, elicit a response and earn you a qualified lead.  Count them - that's three rights

  • The right message
  • To the right prospects
  • Through the right channels

Two rights and one wrong will not get you the lead generation results you need!  If any one of these three rights of lead generation aren't working, then you've lost the ability to motivate the right prospects to see your message, or if they see it, to have enough interest in your message to respond to it. 

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