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Systems and Your Vision

August 26, 2013

Systems are a means to an end. And that end is your vision. As we've discussed, some argue that systems are robotic and kill creative environments.  And they can be....if you let them. The simple truth is that as a business owner, you control how systems are written and operated which influences that end result.   If you don't want to have a robotic and uncreative environment, let your Entrepreneur personality kick into gear.


Think about what your business will be like when:

  • Your customers' expectations are exceeded each and every time they do business with your company
  • Your employees are motivated and able to perform their duties without interference
  • Your management team has the time to focus on searching for simpler solutions
  • Everyone in your company is working toward the same goal
  • Your staff comes to you with solutions not problems or fires

Take a moment and write down that vision of your business in a short paragraph. The popular term these days would be to call it a culture statement. It's how your business must run to get those results, but it's bigger than that. It's the reason that you have systems in the first place.   


And if you have that reason you have the vision. If you have that vision it becomes a bit easier to create and manage the systems to achieve that result. It gives you the "why" to paint a picture for your staff as you lead them through the systems strategy process. And if you have that "why," you have the motivation and the measuring stick to ensure that you are not unknowingly creating systems that take you in a different direction than your vision.


When all is said and done, if you feel like your systems are going in the wrong direction, closer to the dreaded robot land, then perhaps it's not the systems that are off....maybe it's your vision.


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