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Velcro Leadership: Getting Unstuck

March 2, 2015

Chances are as a business owner you're filling multiple roles on your organizational chart. In some cases, you are the CEO, the CFO, the salesperson and perhaps sometimes the technician. Every day you're focused on balancing your time and efforts, but often what isn't as balanced is your point of view. When you spend so much time filling operational roles in your business, it can be easy to view your business from those roles and not the role of an entrepreneur.   


As a salesperson, you might be worried about how many sales meetings you have tomorrow, or following up on the agreements you have out. As a technician, you're probably looking at how many tasks are on your to-do list for tomorrow or this week. It's very easy to get stuck in these points of view because it is where you spend your time. The danger comes when you get stuck in these points of view and start making decisions that don't include the more strategic point of view of an entrepreneur.


As a leader, there are times that you must get "unstuck" from your other roles in the business and look at your business from a more strategic level. Think of this as hiking up a mountain. A hiker has a limited field of vision. You have trees, rocks, perhaps even cliffs that obstruct your view. The decisions that you make are severely limited by the information that you can't see.   Imagine now that as you're hiking you have someone in a helicopter that is able to relay messages to you. They're able to see the obstacles that are coming your way and guide you to another path that, as a hiker, you just can't see. As a business owner, you must maintain both views: the hiker and the helicopter.


Follow us this month as we focus on how you can get unstuck from your organizational chart and instead focus on your business from a strategic point of view. This week we challenge you to simply become more aware of the Point of View you hold. When a business issue is brought to your attention, what point of view are you holding, is it financial, operational, managerial, sales, or are you holding all of those points of view in relationship to the vision of where you want to be in the future? Don't be surprised if you start to see things a little differently simply by being more intentional about the point of view that you hold.

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