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Since 2006, Benchmark Business Group has worked extensively with insurance agents, financial advisors, field leaders and professionals in the financial services industry. Our newsletter Optimal Outcome Insights provides additional value to financial services professionals in short and thought-provoking articles with practical insights. Delivered to your inbox on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, these insights will challenge you to design your Agency to achieve optimal results. You can sign up here or read published Optimal Outcome Insights below.

Why Life Insurance

We recently found this old matchbook advertising Life Insurance, which is ironic on its own. But it got us thinking about selling life insurance. It’s a product that has been on the market a long time. And yet we still see advisors making similar mistakes when it comes to how...
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Navigating The Hiring Landscape

Working with financial services professionals across the country, one thing we’ve heard a lot lately is that it’s hard to hire. This isn’t exactly news because it’s something that small business owners in many industries are experiencing. There is no sugar coating it. The employee market is difficult, but it...
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Let Silence Sit

Most financial services professionals work hard to be seen by their clients and prospects as someone they can trust. The goal is to be a trusted advisor who is knowledgeable, that understands their needs and has a solution that can solve those needs. This leads to a lot of education,...
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The Value Of Your Time

In the financial services industry, you’re constantly advising your clients about the value of a dollar. You may educate them on how they can invest their dollars to grow over time or even how to protect their hard-earned dollars from risks such as accidents, crimes, or mother nature, etc. As...
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