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Optimal Outcome Insights - 2021 Archive

Service Will Take Over

The financial services industry is a service-based business, which means service has a way of taking over the business. And we understand. Providing exceptional service is vital to your business. It’s why clients choose to do business with you and why they choose to stay, even when rates increase. There...
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Delivering Exceptional Service - Through Selling

Most financial services professionals take great care to provide exceptional service. You make promises to be there for clients if the unimaginable happens. You work to ensure that calls are answered quickly. And most still see the importance of providing clients with face-to-face time. There’s no doubt that you care...
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Does your agency have this simple tool?

There’s a simple and effective tool that is missing from most agencies. It’s a tool that pulls together all of your marketing efforts and helps you identify gaps and even strengths. The best news? It’s really easy to get started. The tool we have in mind is a simple marketing...
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How Many No’s Do You Need?

How many no’s does your agency need this year? We’re starting a new year and along with the new year comes new goals. Often times goals are expressed in terms of success. How many accounts do you need? How much premium do you need to write? And it makes sense....
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