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Insights on the activities that drive the process of collaborating with and managing the decisions of qualified leads to purchase products and services.  These are great articles for Financial Advisors, Sales Associates, and Service Associates.  Examples: Prospecting, Cold Calling, Your Sales Process, Sales Techniques, etc.

Delivering Exceptional Service - Through Selling

Most financial services professionals take great care to provide exceptional service. You make promises to be there for clients if the unimaginable happens. You work to ensure that calls are answered quickly. And most still see the importance of providing clients with face-to-face time. There’s no doubt that you care...
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How Many No’s Do You Need?

How many no’s does your agency need this year? We’re starting a new year and along with the new year comes new goals. Often times goals are expressed in terms of success. How many accounts do you need? How much premium do you need to write? And it makes sense....
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Yes, You Can Effectively Prospect in 15 Minutes!

In the financial services world, there’s a focus on sales numbers. You probably know what numbers you want to hit and most likely have a good understanding of what revenue should be generated by which product line. Most of you probably know the breakdown of those goals by month and...
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Cross Selling Creates A Win For Your Client

In the world of financial services cross-selling is a skill that most will easily agree is important, yet isn’t always mastered. The benefits from an agency’s point of view are clear. Clients who have multiple product lines are less likely to leave which increases retention. Lead conversion is easier, and...
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Overcoming Objections

In the financial services industry, you’ll hear a lot of objections as to why someone doesn’t have the time to sit down with you or why they are not going with your recommendation. Objections are a part of the industry that you can’t change. Some objections are real. A prospect...
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Developing Soft Skills

What do the greatest salespeople have in common? There’s many answers to this question, such as: they tell great stories, they uncover and help solve needs, they are likable, they can talk to anyone, and they connect and build relationships. Overall, the skills that one would use to describe a...
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Are You Over Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Exhaustion. In current times, we have heard from many financial services professionals that they are exhausted by the number of Zoom meetings on their calendar. Yet, at the same time, they can’t wait to be back to face-to-face meetings. It’s not the number of meetings that’s exhausting, it’s the...
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If You Aren't Cross-Selling You Are Letting Down Your Clients

The benefits of cross-selling are widely known. It helps boost sales! Clients with more products are less likely to change companies. It costs less to sell to current clients than it does to prospective new clients. It’s easier to sell to existing clients than someone brand new. Yet, cross-selling is...
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COVID Prospecting

How do you prospect, in a world where social distancing is the new norm? Networking, stopping into businesses to introduce yourself, and being involved in the community has changed overnight. Many financial services professionals are asking, “What does prospecting look like now?” Yes, things are different, but for the most...
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Creating Dashboards For Your Business

In the financial services industry, there’s always a focus on numbers. Revenue numbers. Prospect numbers. Conversion numbers. Numbers can be discussed so often they lose any real meaning. Yes, you’re making progress, but how many reports do you have to look at to find out your metrics? How easy is...
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