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The problem with the standard Financial Services Business Model

The vast majority of financial services professionals are working off of a blueprint for burnout and limited growth. Their growth strategies depend on them working harder and longer, setting more appointments, seeing more people, and writing more business. It’s a blueprint that works to reach a certain level of success, but it’s not a design that will bring continued success.  

In fact, it’s designed to fail.  And it all comes down to building a business that can grow beyond the advisor/agent.  A business that:

  • Has a steady stream of quality leads
  • Easily and quickly trains new employees
  • Service associates – should be fully trained within weeks
  • Sales associates – should be fully trained within the first month
  • Isn’t overly dependent on one or more key employees (including the leader)
  • Has documented work flows that help manage the sheer amount of service work

We call the new design, Optimal Outcome.

Build Your Business using a Blueprint for Success

Optimal Outcome is the new blueprint – one designed to provide financial services professionals with a clear path for success. It is a business model that has been proven to work within hundreds of financial services business.  It’s a blueprint for financial services professionals at all levels with ready-to-go tools and best practices that are designed to grow an agency through practice management. A blueprint that is designed to have unlimited growth and eliminate burnout?  It might sound too good to be true, but we’ve already proven that it works.  

Learn more about how it works for:

If you’re not getting the results you want in the financial services industry it’s time to talk to us.  It’s time to look at the design of your business, to break the mold of the industry, and to realize that you CAN design businesses in the financial services industry to reach unlimited growth and eliminate burnout.   Click here to learn more about our Optimal Outcome Coaching Program or here to contact us to discuss the design of your business.

Optimal Outcome - Financial Services Coaching

Redesign your Financial Services Business for consistent and sustainable growth - without burning yourself out.

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