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Listing your business for sale can be a very frustrating process if you’re not prepared and don’t have the right team in place.  Business owners who try selling their business on their own often spend enormous amounts of time on tire kickers and buyers asking for high owner carry back. 

Too often, these business owners get involved in deals that fall apart at the last minute and eventually become so worn out with the process that when or if they are able to find a legitimate buyer, they regret the price they are able to secure

At Benchmark Business Group, our closing ratio on deals that have accepted offers to purchase is more than 7 times the business brokerage industry national average. The reason our clients experience such a high degree of success is our experienced team, proven systems, strong buyer and lender relationships, and expertise in presenting financially sound deals. Once we list your business for sale, our team of business brokers and business coaches take action to prepare to present your business to the market and guide you through:

This process is for those business owners that are ready to list their business for sale in the next year, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about selling your business. In fact, most business owners severely underestimate the timeframe in which they should be preparing their business for sale.  If you’re not ready to sell right now, but want to begin creating a business that will sell for maximum value, we recommend our Value Realized Coaching, which utilizes the Value Builder System popularized in the best seller Built to Sell.

Realizing Value from Your Business

If you’re considering selling your business, the first step is to find out how much your business is worth.  We baseline your business with an Opinion of Value to determine what it is likely to bring on the open market.  This evaluation of your business identifies the price it might bring and a thorough understanding of why.  It is important that a business owner understand why their business is it worth what it is worth, what attributes of value should be protected, and what can be done to increase its value. BBG’s unique combination of a professional business coaching staff, skilled business evaluation specialists, and professional business brokers guarantees an unmatched, holistic approach to an Opinion of Value that will help you make an informed judgment on selling your business. Our commitment to business owners in our market area is to provide a complimentary Opinion of Value to support them in assessing if now is the time to sell, or if they want focus on growing the value of their business.

Preparing Your Business for Sale

In a way, selling a business is like selling a house or a car, you can leave things that are broken the way they are, not wash or clean anything, fail to look for warranty or service histories, and generally present it on a “what you see is what you get” basis.  Or, you can invest some time, energy, and even a little money “getting your house in order.”  Like houses and cars, there are lots of businesses for sale, and yours needs to be more attractive to buyers. Effectively preparing your business for sale means getting it operationally ready to transfer to new ownership and applying basic marketing concepts to ensure it is presentable to buyers. Our business brokers are trained to help you realize which small investments will allow you to capture the interest of buyers, however if you’re looking to maximize the value you get for your business, you can work with our business coaches making sure your business information, operating, and training systems are as turn-key and transferable as you can make them.  Each step you take towards preparing your business for sale can dramatically increase your business’ value. We know the steps to get there.

The Selling Process

Our proven, well-orchestrated approach to the selling process effectively ensures your business will be presented in the most favorable way, at the greatest possible price, to the right buyers, in as short a time as possible, all while protecting your confidentiality and your time.  While the selling process can be a complicated affair, our job is to make it look easy to you by fielding the plethora of phone calls and emails, managing the myriad of moving parts and facilitating all the activities and people it ultimately takes to get your business marketed, sold, and successfully closed. We focus on the process of Selling, so you can focus on keeping your business profitable and attractive to buyers.

List Your Business For Sale

If you're ready to list your business for sale or ready to discuss how to maximize the value of your business before you sell it, please contact us today.  One of our professional business brokers will be glad to answer any questions and explain our process in more detail.

Selling Your Business

Our business brokers and business coaches share a monthly article on selling your business, a weekly insight on building a business of value, and more on our Facebook and LinkedIN accounts.

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We use many methods to attract individuals looking to buy a business to our business for sale page including our Buy Iowa Business Twitter and Buy Iowa Business LinkedIn group.   Our business brokers post tips, share articles, and spotlight a business for sale each week.

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Regardless of how soon you plan to sell your business, you should know your sellability score.

Get Your Value Builder Score now!  Made famous in Built to Sell by John Warrillow
At BBG we believe, businesses should be designed for realizing value, including receiving maximum value whenever you are ready to sell your business.  The first step, that’s never too early to take, is to understand what drives the value of your business.  Your complimentary Value Builder Score as described by John Warrillow in Built to Sell is the perfect baseline for how sellable your business is today.  If you want to improve the score, our Value Realized Coaching, pairs the Value Builder System with our business coaching expertise and turn key best practices.


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