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Why Use a Business Broker?

The process of selling your business or buying a business can be very frustrating if you don't have have a business broker to help you through the process.  If you're selling your business there are a lot of elements to think about such as how to attract buyers, where to list you business for sale, and how to present your business to ensure your business sells for a price that rewards your years of hard work.  If you're buying a business you want to make sure that you're paying a fair price and that the business is setup for your success.  Our business brokers strive to make your experience buying or selling a business as easy and rewarding as possible, but don't take our word for it continue reading to hear what our client's say:

Travis Schipper, Sold Business

As a first time business seller, the Broker did an outstanding job of educating me about the selling process as a whole.  He also kept me informed on the progress of the sale of my business and let me know what would be needed so that the sale could go smoothly.  Because of his experience and knowledge, the closing went extremely well. 

Mark Kladivo, Bought a Business

 It’s quite fun to look at another individual’s success in their business and try to imagine how you might improve on what they have built. This is one of the things that drove my thoughts when choosing a business to purchase using the Henderson Business Group.  The experience when purchasing both businesses was calm, organized, and well planned. Nothing seemed rushed and the entire process was without surprise.  The Broker was always there to answer questions and get clarification when requested.  The Broker also made sure that all parties were well informed.  This helped make the closing process fast and painless, as I had already seen every document that I was to sign. 

Kevin Nelson, Sold Business

I had an excellent experience selling my business through the Henderson Business Group.  The selling process was easy to understand due to good communication.  Broker did research on the industry and cared about my concerns for the business and the future of the business.

Barbara Stennes, Sold Business

I was very impressed with the wisdom and experience of both representatives for the companies and the high regards that other attendees had for both companies.  I found the process of selling my business easy.  The professionalism exhibited by the broker and other representatives of Henderson Business Group, as well as  the large pool of buyers they had, instilled confidence that I would end up with a good buyer.

Doug Peters, Bought a Business

I was well informed through ongoing communication and all the questions that I had were answered in a timely fashion.  I would use Henderson Business Group in the future should I decide to sell my current business or purchase another one.

Paul Morse, Sold Home Remodeling Business

When I decided to sell my business my three goals were to take care of my employees, take care of my clients, and get some money for my retirement, but that’s all I really knew. Sellers Insight Coaching helped me get my head in the right space. One of the best things I learned during Sellers Insights coaching was to run my business as if I was going to be there for the next 5-10 years. Through working with the BBG brokerage team I was able to make adjustments to my business so I could accomplish my three goals.

Clark Fletcher, Sold Business

I was very pleased with the service and professionalism we received from Benchmark Business Group. Our Broker made selling our business very easy for us so we could spend our time running our business and that was so appreciated as it was during one of our busiest times. I was amazed at how smooth the whole process was and flabbergasted at how fast we received offers. The results speak for themselves as our business sold very quickly to a great buyer.

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