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Our passion has always been offering products and services that allow small business owners
to realize the value in their business. We call it, "Value Realized".

Designed specifically for the Financial Services Industry, Optimal Outcome, our proprietary
coaching program makes it easy to put proven best practices in place and
make the changes necessary to prepare an Agency for consistent, sustainable growth.

We're excited to offer Value Realized Coaching which helps business owners improve the sellability
of their business or build a business that can thrive without the owner using the
Value Builder System made famous by John Warrillow in Built to Sell.

Regardless of when you want to exit your business, you should know it's value.
Get your complimentary Value Builder Score today!

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Imagine what your business could accomplish with the right coaching, focus and actions.

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Listing your business for sale can be a frustrating process if you don't have the right team in place.

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We take all of the guess-work out of buying a business in the Midwest with our tested and proven process.

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Greetings, Business Owners
and Entrepreneurs

Welcome to our website!  If you are a business owner, or wanting to own a business, you have found a unique combination of solutions under one roof.  Here, you can learn how to grow your business, solve any frustration in your business, sell your business, buy a business, or plan for your succession and exit in any number of ways.  Since 1999, and with hundreds of success stories, we have provided business coaching, business consulting, business brokerage, business evaluations, business succession planning, business strategic planning, and systems design and documentation. 

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...eliminate the chaos
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left quote “Before Optimal Outcome, I had my hands in everything and did a poor job of delegating tasks to my staff and then holding them accountable to those tasks.  With the help of Optimal Outcome and my Coach, my staff and I have been able to restructure the office and eliminate the chaos. right quote
Gale Wiersma
Rural Insurance Agent
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left quote Results Coaching has been phenomenal! At the beginning of the process, working with my Coach, I established a goal of $100,000 in new life insurance premium for the six month period of the Program. Three months later, I have already achieved and exceeded the goal! right quote
Larry Marshall
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent the business we need
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left quote With Results Coaching I set the six month goal that is good for the business, I decide what I’m going to do and I know if I don’t get the work done, we won’t build the business we need. My Coach keeps me focused, gives me someone to talk things through with and holds me accountable... right quote
Pam Wodrich
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left quote E- Myth has focused us on business processes and procedures for each area of the company.   I’ve put more in the hands of the managers and have implemented processes that serve as checkpoints so now I know what is happening but I don’t have to be directly involved in everything... right quote
Nancy Elsasser
Business Manager
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left quote The impact of E-Myth Mastery Coaching has been enormous. It’s an investment. I’ve told our coach several times that you don’t charge enough for it. Not that I was wanting to pay more, but when you look at it from an investment point of view it’s the best money we ever spent. right quote
Chris Turner
Business Owner
...consistent production with less burden on me
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left quote The Optimal Outcome Program has given my business consistent production with less burden on me. I have more confidence in my management approach because there is more structure for me to delegate better. This difference has made my team more pro-active and enabled them to take ownership and solve pr... right quote
Phil Hinrichs
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent
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left quote It took me awhile to get started, I thought I was too busy and never had enough time. I am now very ecstatic that I started the program and am more focused on what my business needs. The Optimal Outcome program and my coach have allowed me to build a great business. I work “on” my busine... right quote
Troy DeLair
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent
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left quote The Sellers Insight Coaching helped me get my head in the right space for the process of selling my business. One of the best insights I had was to keep running my business while it was for sale, as if I was going to be there for the next 5-10 years. right quote
Paul Morse
Home Remodeling Business
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left quote The Seller’s Insight Coaching was very helpful to me as a first-time business seller. I felt the information covered in the program allows me to be better prepared for any issues that may come up during the sales process. One area I was able to analyze deeper was my customer concentration. I a... right quote
Owner of Window and Carpet Cleaning
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