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Inspired Action Series - Service Through Selling

Service Through Selling 

Service Through Selling is a perfect training for Financial Services Agencies that want their team to identify and take action on cross selling opportunities. In this Inspired Action Series your team will put together an implementation plan to:

  • Listen for opportunities
  • Ask the right questions
  • Act on the opportunities

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This is a unique point-of-view is an easy to implement method of meeting your clients needs through cross-selling. Your team, both service and sales, will learn to apply the Service Through Selling techniques to listen for and identify when your clients need to be aware of additional products/services, and how to take action to inform clients of their options. It is possible to go from missing or avoiding cross-selling opportunities to having a team that rarely misses an opportunity to help a client with their previously unidentified risks and opportunities. This Inspired Action Series will expand your teams daily awareness of opportunities for cross-selling, and help your business put in a plan for all employees to be an active part of the sales team. Service Through Selling will forever change the way your team embraces cross-selling!  

This Inspired Action Series includes:

  • A 20 minute conversation with the leader of your business to set your team up for success
  • Three short videos on the Service Through Selling concepts and techniques
  • Guided worksheets and tools for you to lead two training sessions
  • Two, one-hour coaching sessions for your team to work through Service Through Selling

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