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Taking our experience in the financial service industry and in small business consulting, we've created a series of Continuing Education Courses and Seminars designed to keep agent/advisors and regions focused on growing a business of value.  

  1. Continuing Education
  2. Seminars

Continuing Education

We currently have four Continuing Education Courses that have been approved in the Ethic and General Categories.  Contact us to determine if we offer these courses in your state or to discuss custom solutions.

  • Course Category – Ethics
    • Course Name – Ethical Business Organization Strategy
    • Instruction Method – webinar/classroom
    • Hours – 1
    • Course Objective: In the fast paced, high compliance work environment of an agency it is critical that a team works within a well-organized structure for success. When the right strategies are created, the proper structure is established, and the agency team is engaged in that structure, then the agency is set for ethical client fulfillment. Participants will discover a clear structure for organizing an agency based on five areas of business activity; sales, marketing, service, operations, and business strategy. Each area of activity has key strategies and structures for engaging team members to ethically carry out their responsibilities.  This blueprint for ethical business organization provides a stable foundation for delivery of services to clients in a highly regulated industry. 
  • Course Category – Ethics
    • Course Name – Client Fulfillment as an Ethical Advisor
    • Instruction Method – webinar/classroom
    • Hours – 1
    • Course Objective:  Every financial services professional must adhere to being an ethical advisor to clients. This course will have the attendees examine their interactions with clients, acknowledge inconsistencies in their current practices, and discover what client fulfillment means by focusing on the clients.  It will deliver the concept of a Client Service Promise and participants will understand how this promise is the foundation for defining the client’s experience and designing consistent and ethical best practices for engaging with clients. 
  • Course Category – Ethics
    • Course Name – Systems Strategy for an Ethical Business
    • Instruction Method – webinar/classroom
    • Hours – 1
    • Course Objective: Being an ethical advisor/agent is one thing; consistently delivering an ethical and responsible experience is quite another. Well-designed systems are one of the most effective tools for ensuring team members are providing excellent experiences for clients and ethically meeting their needs. This course presents the need for systems in the advisor/agent’s business to protect the clients and build his/her business to be compliant and consistent. Participants will be presented with basic steps on how to implement systems for the clients’ benefit and agent/advisor’s benefit.
  • Course Category – General
    • Course Name – Practice vs Business for Client Requirements
    • Instruction Method – webinar/classroom
    • Hours – 1
    • Course Objective: Financial Services Practices are perfectly designed to get the results they are getting. How the agent/advisor thinks is what they do, and what they do produces what they have. This course explores the differences critical to achieving unlimited success while delivering required services to all clients. It looks into changes to create a business that works for the agent/advisor, and how to accomplish that through getting results through others that the agent/advisor hires.


Whether you are planning a kick-off meeting, a routine agency meeting, or a full day workshop we offer powerful and effective seminars and workshops designed to focus your Advisors on growing their business.  Contact us today to discuss booking a seminar listed below or designing a custom solution.  Also don't forget to look at our Team Trainings.



Making EVERY Employee a Part of your Sales Team

Imagine the possibilities if every team member considered themselves a part of your sales team?  This seminar is designed to capitalize on the opportunities that are often left on the table as service staff doesn’t “sell”.  Using Service Through Selling we’ll show you how to get everyone on board to grow your business.   This is a must for Advisors that have service staff and are looking to grow!

Expanding Your Capacity

Need to grow, but not sure how you’ll manage to fit more into your calendar?  It’s time to look at ways to expand your business’ capacity!  In this seminar we look at best practices designed to get more efficiency and productivity from your staff.  This is a great seminar for Advisors that are stuck in their business and need to be in more face to face meetings with their clients.

Own a Business, Not a Practice

Do you know the difference between an Advisor that thinks like a business owner and not a salesperson?  Business owners are able to grow and scale their businesses while practitioners get stuck.   In this seminar we take a look at the best practices an Advisor needs to implement in their business to grow beyond average.  This seminar is perfect for an Advisor that has hit a plateau and wants to grow. 

Call us at 515-288-6984, or contact us to book a Continuing Education Course or a powerful seminar designed to focus your Advisors on growth.

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