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Does Business Coaching Work? 

We obviously believe that business coaching will help transform your business, but don't take our word for it.  Read testimonials from business owners to see the difference business coaching has made in their business.

Bob Daly, Business Owner

The E-Myth Mastery program brought to light opportunities we may have never thought of. More importantly, the program provided us with a road map to take advantage of those opportunities.

Larry Marshall, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Results Coaching has been phenomenal! At the beginning of the process, working with my Coach, I established a goal of $100,000 in new life insurance premium for the six month period of the Program. Three months later, I have already achieved and exceeded the goal!

Pam Wodrich

With Results Coaching I set the six month goal that is good for the business, I decide what I’m going to do and I know if I don’t get the work done, we won’t build the business we need. My Coach keeps me focused, gives me someone to talk things through with and holds me accountable.

Pam Wodrich

Kathy Uglum, Business Owner Eye Care Associate

E-Myth Mastery coaching really made us take a look at our lives and our business. It made a tremendous impact both professionally and personally.  Having an E-Myth Coach makes you stay focused on what you need to be. It changes the things that you do as a result of that.  It’s an investment in ourselves and in our business.   It changes your life.

Nancy Elsasser, Business Manager

E- Myth has focused us on business processes and procedures for each area of the company.   I’ve put more in the hands of the managers and have implemented processes that serve as checkpoints so now I know what is happening but I don’t have to be directly involved in everything.  It’s helped the entire company.

John Rohloff, Business Owner

I've seen growth in my business based on the changes I have made.  The E-Myth Mastery program allowed me to step back and work on my business rather than just in it.  I learned to delegate more and get results through others.  My coach held me accountable, helped me see things differently and gave me a different perspective by asking questions based on where I wanted to go with my business. 

Bill Taber, Business Owner

E-Myth Mastery coaching has focused me on developing the skills and the mindset to lead others.  E-Myth has effectively provided me with the equivalent skills of an MBA degree offered in a real life, real time, and enjoyable setting.  I have learned that our business is a system of integrated systems and to view improvement in our business systemically.  The Key Frustrations Process is a very valuable tool for resolving difficult business issues. 

Drew McLellan, Business Owner

My coaching relationship is a safe and informed place for me to go with my worries and concerns and ideas.  I can explore them and sort them all out with the help of someone else who’s reflecting back and asking good questions. It allows me to get my head straight about certain things, holds me accountable and keeps me on task.   E-Myth is teaching me how to view my business as a means to an end as opposed to the end.  The Mastery Program and working with a business coach allows you to customize your own continuing education around the areas where, perhaps, you are not as strong as your business needs you to be.  In the end it’s a professional development opportunity for the business owner, just like you expect your employees to continue to get better, E-Myth Mastery enables a business owner to develop themselves as well as their business.

Greg Yuter, Business Owner

Prior to getting involved in the E-Myth, things were pretty chaotic. We had some systems in place because we are a franchise, but we definitely needed to build upon those and organize our office and the E-Myth has substantially helped us to get to that point.  It helped me get organized, feel more confident and look at things more objectively.  Working with an E-Myth coach I have the ability to bounce questions around and to think through the problem on a different level so that I get another perspective.  The ability just to organize, systemize, and many other things that I’ve learned are just a very, very small cost if any a cost at all to me for what it’s going to ultimately produce.   It’s just been a really great experience and I know everything I’m learning is going to live in my business forever. It will help us in countless amounts of ways and will continue to help us

Larry Marshall, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

As a leader I listen better and talk with my staff more frequently and am encouraging their continued growth. I now have staff members doing things I never dreamed they were capable of. I am making much better use of my staff. We are all trying to do the most important things, for the most important reasons.   I was doing a client interview yesterday at lunch, which by the way, I didn’t have to arrange. My staff arranged that lunch appointment without my help. My client is a pentathlon coach and former world champion himself, a double Olympian. I asked him what he had to do and what the kids he coaches have to do to be so successful. He said it’s simple, "Show up. Work". That’s kind of like my coach, she listens to me and has me commit to clear goals. This week I set a goal of ten multi-line appointments by the end of the week. That was on Tuesday and two days later I’m doing the eleventh one. We quantified what I needed to be doing and put a target out there. Low and behold, I’m going to exceed it. So it’s a little baby step, but it’s on the path of getting my business to serve me. E-Myth has already been a great investment. This year we’re going to have the best gross income year in my 34 year career. With my E-Myth training, I’m also working to make it the largest net income year. Next year, my business will be serving my golf, fishing, and hunting life better.

Mike Immel, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Before E-Myth I was just doing it day in and day out the same old thing over and over again and just content with where I was at and kind of accepting that was the level I would be at for the rest of my career. Since then I have made dramatic changes. I’ve moved to a new office, hired a new sales person, have set new goals and objectives, and it’s really just turned things around, made it more exciting, production is up, and enthusiasm is up.   So my business has changed that dramatically.  It's difficult if you get in a rut to accept change and want to change, but actually there are more opportunities if you go through the changes. I think an E-Myth coach is essential. Most people are procrastinators and unless you have the coach and the agenda to follow, I don’t think anything would get accomplished. I mean you can buy the books and read them but unless you have the coach to hold you accountable, chances are you won’t implement anything in your business.

Austin Palmer, Business Owner

"Through E-Myth coaching we have become more focused and intentional about our business.   As a leader and business owner I am more aware of the systems and processes necessary for continued success in business.  My coach held me accountable and kept me on track…there isn’t one thing I would change about my experience with E-Myth."

Chris Turner, Business Owner

The impact of E-Myth Mastery Coaching has been enormous. It’s an investment. I’ve told our coach several times that you don’t charge enough for it. Not that I was wanting to pay more, but when you look at it from an investment point of view it’s the best money we ever spent.

Connie Hohertz, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

 I can spend the time I used to spend at my business with my family. The E-Myth Mastery Impact program is absolutely an investment. I choose carefully where I spend my funds and I can already see the impact E-Myth has had in returning profits to me in my business. When I started the program I was the only person selling products to my clients. Now I’ve got two other people licensed and selling for me and I’m interviewing for my third position. The rewards have been unbelievable as far as what it’s returned to me!

Brad Heemstra, Business Owner

The E-Myth program has had an incredible impact on the direction of my business.  The program continues to help me understand what it means to take control of my time and, more importantly, helps me focus on working on the business, rather than in the business. My Coach has played an important role in this entire process.

Dave Doubek, Business Owner

We have grown to the company we are today with the assistance of the E-Myth program. The program helped us to organize and systemize, which gave us much needed structure and the opportunity to flourish. Personally, the program helped me with time management skills, better delegations, and more importantly, allowed me the freedom to enjoy the ride that the business has been on. Our business Coach has been a source of accountability from outside the business and has also kept us focused on the big picture. The E-Myth program is a solid investment for any business and if embraced, will be a game changer in the way you look at and conduct business.”

Deke Morrow, Business Owner

The E-Myth Mastery Impact program has absolutely transformed our business.  The most important aspect of the program for our company was the Strategic Objective.  Every key decision we have made has been based upon the vision we created with our Strategic Objective.  Writing down the vision made what the company could be more tangible, it made the impossible seem possible.  Our Coach was an important part of our success.

Dennis Reidel, Business Owner

The E-Myth Mastery Impact Program has changed the outlook and focus of our entire management team. The program helped us to realize that if we wanted to get away from constantly putting out fires, we needed to implement a systematic approach to the way we run our business.  In addition to the program, our Coach has been a great addition to the team. Having that outside source of objectivity, our Coach has been a sounding board for ideas but also a partner in accountability for our entire management team.

John Gregory, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

E-Myth Mastery Impact has been a huge investment that has paid for itself many times over.  Frustrations no longer linger in my business.  The Mastery Impact program challenged my way of thinking and enabled my business to stretch beyond its known limits, taking us both to the next level.  This would not have been possible without my Coach’s ability to hold me accountable to the goals we established.  The single most important thing I learned in the E-Myth Mastery Impact program is be careful what you dream, you just might get it.

Kim Lambert, Business Owner

The E-Myth Mastery Impact program has changed our entire outlook. Our nurses, while always providing quality care, now have a common goal and they work as a team to achieve that goal. This has increased our overall standard of care. The most important thing that we have learned in the program is to focus on the systems. It has not happened over night, but by implementing the systems, and through the persistence and understanding of our Coach, we have become a better business and I have become a well rounded leader and business owner

Pam Peters, Business Owner

The E-myth Mastery Impact program has been a wonderful investment for our business and me. The program has made it so I can take more time on the business rather than in it. My staff now has in place the tools needed to help them grow and encourages them to find the proper system to find their own solutions. As the business continues to climb upward, my coach continues to challenge me to discover things about myself to the advantage to help others grow our business. The E-myth coach has been excellent in giving direction in new ways of thinking, but at the same time, being patient and understanding with our busy schedules.

Robin Spear, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Before the E-Myth Mastery program, I didn’t track anything. I flew by the seat of my pants, not seeing how one action in the business related to another. The E-Myth program showed me how to be a true business owner, organizing and planning the activities of my business and tracking the results.  This has allowed me to create a business that runs when I am not in the office and to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. Every small business owner should go through the E-Myth program and invest in their future because you don’t know what you don’t know. I truly believe that without E-Myth, my business wouldn’t be here today.

Rich Lorenzen, Business Owner

“E-Myth Mastery is incredible!  My business was disorganized chaos, and now I am able to take a different approach and look at my business more systematically.  It’s given an insight into all aspects of the business, from the simple to the complex.  The investment I am making in the E-Myth Program grows my business and my profits, and at the same time it’s getting me to a point where I can be free from my business…It has over exceeded my expectations!”  

Nancy Bennett, Business Owner

“Before I started E-Myth Mastery, I was comfortable, but stuck.  We had reached a point where we couldn’t go any further.  E-Myth Mastery showed me how I could take it to a different level.  …I had read many business books before I started the E-Myth Mastery Program, but I couldn’t change my business by reading about it.  …Quite honestly, when I first started the Program I looked at it as an expense, but now I look at it as an investment.  I am getting back my life, and my business is much more valuable…It has just totally changed the way I think about my life and my business.  I wake up excited!”                                                                                                                                                              

Bill Paterson, Business Owner

“Before we started E-Myth our business pretty much ran us…The E-Myth Program allowed us to step back and take a look at what it is we do here and how we do it.  Rather than just telling employees to do things and focusing on the people, we are now working really hard on systems.  We learned we can’t really manage people, but we can manage the system.  That knowledge has eliminated a lot of the frustrations we had before….It’s basically making us redo our company, and this time we are doing it right.

Craig Fairbanks, Business Owner

“Before E-Myth I was searching.  I had goals but no direct route to get to them.  I had no plan.  Now, I have the tools and the steps to make a goal happen…We wouldn’t have grown without it.  By chance, we may have gotten there down the road, but I think doing this has advanced my company pretty quickly.  Running my business without the E-Myth Program would have been pretty much a hit and miss experience.  I guess I asked this question before I started the Program: ‘What is it about business that I don’t know, because we do good work and we have a good product, so why are we not more successful?’  When I started the E-Myth Program, I discovered why.”


Kevin Grosvenor, Business Owner

“Through the E-Myth Mastery Program, I’ve identified an incredible amount of systems, and I’ve got that very well structured.  Now I focus on results, not work.  In the past, it’s been the opposite.  We were doing a lot of busywork and not getting the results.  I think there is just more structure in my business now.  My employees are more in tune with the financial aspects of what they are doing…The Mastery Program is a serious investment.  I wish I had done this ten years ago.  If I did I’d probably be retired by now.”            

Scott Cierzan, Business Owner

“E-Myth Mastery has been a great thing.  I am a lot more willing to share the vision I have for my business, because the vision is defined.  I can communicate to my employees where we stand and where we are going, and my employees appreciate that.  Being able to do that has created a good situation for us.  I have taken the leadership of the company much more seriously.  Actually, I am a lot more comfortable being the leader because I know where I am taking the business…I am definitely a big believer in it.  There are a lot of business programs out there, but this one is nice because there is no travel associated with it.  I am very, very satisfied with it.  It’s really helping me and my business, and I am very excited about it.”              

Diana Kautsky, Business Owner

“I have a clearer understanding of what needs to be in place in order to grow my business.  This will help me to avoid making bad business decisions in the future…I really like having someone I can bounce ideas off of—someone who has an objective viewpoint and can see what I have missed.  My E-Myth Coach does not hand me the answers, but walks me through a thought process that enables me to see the possibilities I wouldn’t have been able to come up with on my own…I can see that my business will grow and will be there when I’m gone”

Lorna Morelli-Loftin, Business Owner

“I have already felt a great deal of relief from the stress and burden of owning my own business.  I felt guilty every time I did anything other than billable work—technician work.  It has given me relief to know that I don’t have to do it all.  It allows us to develop systems so that the nurses that are working for us can replicate the work that I was doing…The best part of having an E-Myth Coach is it keeps our feet to the fire.  We have an appointment; we have a date, a deadline, and a responsibility to provide the materials that he has requested.  Our Coach also helps with clarification and to make that correlation between a thought process and how that thought relates to our successes and/or frustrations.  It has been very positive…There is a light at the end of the tunnel.”      

Carol Heffron, Business Owner

“E-Myth Mastery has been life-changing, not only for the business, but for our overall lives as well.  It has changed the way we think and the actions that we take.  It has been an amazing experience.  I can’t imagine how our business would be if we hadn’t been through this experience….Before, everything was good, but fuzzy.  There was no definite result or target we were shooting for.  Now, with E-Myth, there is a focus and a plan, an outline to follow.”

Matt Sehnert, Business Owner

“It’s helped me to keep the business in a better perspective with the rest of my life.  We are more organized.  We are able to look honestly at our business.  …The E-Myth Mastery Program is an investment.  …It makes my company more productive and efficient, so it works better for us.”

Steve Shriver, Business Owner

“Through doing E-Myth Mastery I became the owner of my business rather than an employee of my business, and that was what I was striving for—I just didn’t know how to achieve it.  E-Myth put it all into perspective for me….It substantially impacted our level of clarity in what we offer our customers.  It helped me to more effectively communicate my vision of the company, and where I wanted it to go, to my employees….Having an E-Myth Coach is almost like having a manager to help me make decisions.  The great thing is that it wasn’t my Coach telling me what to do.  It was my Coach asking me the right questions that got me to self-discover the right answer…I actually tried to sell the concept of the E-Myth Mastery Program to two other businesses.  I just told them you don’t even realize what you are missing because I can’t tell you what your business needs—you will discover that for yourself in doing the E-Myth Mastery Program.”

Tom Erichsen, Business Owner

“After entering the E-Myth Mastery Program, I delegate more work, and that frees me up to pursue those things in my business that really impact our bottom line… I have learned to evaluate my customers’ thought process and have been able to look at my business from their perspective.  Because of that, my marketing is more effective…My Coach holds me accountable and keeps me on track, and I have gotten into the habit of doing business development work on a regular basis.  Without a Coach, I know I would have procrastinated on making changes to my business…I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and I am a Certified Public Accountant.   What I learned in college was all theory.  I find this more valuable because the E-Myth process gives me the core tools for marketing, management, leadership, and other critical areas that I am able to implement into my business.  The tools really work.”

Tony Chojnowski, Business Owner

Working with my Value Builder coach helped me learn how much I didn’t know about my business. After celebrating 35 years in business, I discovered new strategies and tactics to increase profitability and enable my business to be less reliant on me. My enhanced knowledge and understanding of what makes my business more profitable and my customers more satisfied have opened doors to new opportunities.

Going through the steps and diving into each portion of The Value Realized Coaching program was a true eye-opener in terms of what I “thought” I knew and how much I learned regarding so many topics that I had not considered in such great depth over the past 35 years.

I plan to continue working with the tools you provided me to better my businesses and the experiences of my customers.

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