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Our Promise: We are trusted advisors. With every experience our clients will feel empowered, confident, understood, and ultimately inspired to take action to realize maximum value from their business.

Benchmark Business Group is a company founded with the passionate belief that owning a business shouldn’t be a day to day struggle filled with frustrations, but rather an opportunity to better yourself, your employees, and your community.   From the beginning, BBG has recognized that your business is a machine, that when designed correctly should provide you with more money, more time, more freedom, and more satisfaction.  We now call this, “Value Realized”, but back in 1999, Bob and Susan Clements simply connected with the idea that they could make a real difference in the life of business owners.

Since 1999, Bob and Susan have seen business owners grow into passionate leaders, businesses expand and grow beyond the original vision, and employees flourish.  BBG’s business coaching programs expanded from the legendary E-Myth Mastery program to include Optimal Outcome (insurance and financial advisor), Results, Executive Coaching, and Value Realized Coaching with the Value Builder System.   Along the way, BBG realized that there was a need for business consulting and other services were added to the toolbox such as: Systems Development, Succession Planning, and Increasing Business Value.  What has never wavered is the desire to help business owners relieve stress in their day to day operations and help them create a business that provides them with the value they deserve. 

Our business is business and over the years the business of buying and selling businesses became a part of BBG’s services.  It was a conversation we were already having with our clients as they looked to expand through acquisition or began to think about their exit strategy.  Getting involved in the business brokerage it became clear that the process of selling or buying a business for growth was a frustrating process for our business owners that often didn’t allow them to realize the full value of their business.

Seeing an opportunity to deliver Our Promise through a different set of services, BBG acquired the name and assets of the successful business brokerage Henderson Business Group in 2011.  Taking what we know about business, systems, and using the methodology we’ve coached hundreds of businesses through BBG designed the business brokerage department into a proven system for buying and selling businesses while minimizing the frustration and maximizing the value of your business.

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Overtime BBG has grown into an umbrella of business services that can help business owners realize the value of their business, regardless of industry or the stage of business ownership.  If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results you are getting from your business, contact us today

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