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Why Use a Business Broker?

The process of selling your business or buying a business can be very frustrating if you don't have have a business broker to help you through the process.  If you're selling your business there are a lot of elements to think about such as how to attract buyers, where to list you business for sale, and how to present your business to ensure your business sells for a price that rewards your years of hard work.  If you're buying a business you want to make sure that you're paying a fair price and that the business is setup for your success.  Our business brokers strive to make your experience buying or selling a business as easy and rewarding as possible, but don't take our word for it continue reading to hear what our client's say:

Paul Morse, Sold Home Remodeling Business

When I decided to sell my business my three goals were to take care of my employees, take care of my clients, and get some money for my retirement, but that’s all I really knew. Seller Insights Coaching helped me get my head in the right space. One of the best things I learned during Seller Insights coaching was to run my business as if I was going to be there for the next 5-10 years. Through working with the BBG brokerage team I was able to make adjustments to my business so I could accomplish my three goals.

Clark Fletcher, Sold Business

I was very pleased with the service and professionalism we received from Benchmark Business Group. Our Broker made selling our business very easy for us so we could spend our time running our business and that was so appreciated as it was during one of our busiest times. I was amazed at how smooth the whole process was and flabbergasted at how fast we received offers. The results speak for themselves as our business sold very quickly to a great buyer.

A Business Owner Selling Their Business

The Seller Insights coaching program was a great exercise for me as it made me re-think what I thought I knew about selling my business. The videos and activities are well-written and helped me to be more intentional about what I need to do to prepare for engaging with buyers. Some of the messages conveyed in the process have already helped me to think differently about my business and to view it through the eyes of a buyer. I am glad I went through the program and I look forward to reviewing my notes and learnings as I meet with buyers.

Brad Lilienthal, Bought a Business

I would recommend Benchmark Business Group to anyone who is looking to buy a business. My broker was clearly experienced in getting deals completed. He did a good job communicating between the seller and myself and wasn’t afraid to push back when it was needed. I had never bought a business before so I appreciated it when he explained each step and reassured me that any concerns I had was a normal part of the process. Working with a BBG broker is definitely the way to go to have the transaction go smoothly.

A Business Owner Selling Their Business

I found the Seller Insights coaching process with BBG to be very impressive. The videos were very informative and gave excellent insights as to how the process of selling my business will go. I found the activities to be extremely helpful for getting my thoughts down on paper and I highly recommend every business owner complete them. My coach was great to work with as she asked excellent questions, posed thought-provoking insights and was respectful of my time.

Michele Matt, Sold Business

I had a very positive experience working with Benchmark Business Group to sell my business. I trusted my broker completely and he did a great job finding a buyer much quicker than I was expecting. I was surprised at how far-reaching BBG’s scope of buyers extended. My buyer was not local and I am grateful that BBG had the ability to connect me to someone I never would have found on my own. I would use the words professional, experienced, reliable and credible to describe BBG to anyone looking for a business broker.

Cathy Baragary, Sold Business

My Benchmark Business Group Broker did a great job of keeping me on track throughout the selling process and especially during the closing. His expertise was extremely helpful to get the deal completed. I would recommend Benchmark to other business owners looking to sell their business.

A Business Owner Selling Their Business

I recommend Seller Insights for anyone who is selling their business. Even business owners like me who have previously attempted to sell their business can benefit from it because, even if you think you know what to expect in this process, Seller Insights will bring to light some information you don’t know. One of my biggest takeaways from the program was to learn what I should have ready and organized for due diligence. The whole program was a very positive experience for me.

Tom & Teresa Albert and Chris Priebe, Sold Business

The team at Benchmark Business Group was super easy to work with throughout the entire sales process. Their team took our stress away by handling all the details so we could continue to focus on running the business. When the time came to finalize the deal, our broker, Dennis, knew exactly what to do and handled all the paperwork to complete the sale. Dennis showed such honesty and integrity through our interaction with him that we would work with Benchmark Business Group again to sell a business.

A Business Owner Selling Their Business

I would give the Seller Insights Coaching Program a 10 out 10 rating because the information was very helpful for the process of selling our business. The program opened our eyes to what will happen during the process and helped us better understand how we should communicate with buyers. We definitely recommend anyone selling their business go through this program.

A Business Owner Who Sold Their Business

I bought my business through another business broker so when I decided to sell it, I wanted to find an honest broker that would be able to correctly value and professionally market my business to successfully find a buyer. It only took one conversation with Benchmark Business Group for me to decide they were what I was looking for. And I’m so glad I did as they were able to find a buyer and bring the business to a successful close.

Renee Stocker, Sold Business

I would recommend Benchmark Business Group for anyone looking to sell their business. Their network of qualified buyers is extensive, and I was impressed with how they worked as a team to find the right buyer for our business. Our broker was very knowledgeable about selling our business. He guided us through the process and understood our urgency to have it sold by the end of the year.

A Business Owner Selling Their Business

Seller Insights helped us with areas of selling our business we hadn’t thought about. We learned how business deals are structured and we explored the types of offers buyers might make. This helped us think through the decisions we need to make on timing, pricing, and financing the sale of our business. The program is well worth the few hours of time it takes go through the modules and having a coach to guide us through was very beneficial. Because of Seller Insights we are much better prepared to have conversations with buyers and are confident we are prepared to negotiate the sale of our business. 

Jay & Cindy, Sold Business

Working with Dennis through the process of selling our business was a real pleasure. He was always attentive and responsive in his communication and we felt he really had our best interest in mind. Dennis made us feel comfortable from the beginning and we are glad we chose Benchmark to help us sell our business.

A Business Owner Selling Their Business

I was 100% satisfied with the Seller Insights coaching program. The videos informed me of my role in the process of selling my business including how I should act as I interact with buyers. Everything I learned in this program helped me as I met with potential buyers for my business. I appreciate that Benchmark has taken the time to build this program to help people like me who haven’t sold a business before and don’t know what to expect.

Marcia Canny, Sold Business

Thank you and your Team of Professionals who helped me in more ways than I imagined to accomplish my goals. You were always there when I needed you. I give Benchmark Business Group a five-star rating and will not hesitate to refer your business to others. It has been a pleasure to work with the Benchmark Team.

Gary Block, Sold Business

When looking for a business broker to sell my business I was looking for someone outside my immediate area who had experience selling manufacturing businesses. Benchmark fit those specific requirements. My broker did a great job working with me to communicate the ins and outs of my business to buyers and I thought we made an excellent team. He was also very responsive to me whenever I had a question or needed some advice. I am very pleased with the job Benchmark did with selling my business and I highly recommend them.

The Seller Insights Coaching program was very helpful to prepare me for what to expect while going through the due diligence process of selling my business. I never would have thought about all the things I would be asked to produce for the buyer. The organization of the videos into 3 modules made it easy to fit watching them into my schedule and didn’t overwhelm me. I think all business owners selling their business should participate in the program. I think they will find it well worth their time.

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