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Insurance and Financial Advisor Testimonials

Cara Nelson, Mountain West Insurance Agent

“Optimal Outcome has shown me the value of systemizing my business.  Systems have enabled myself and my staff to proactively address client needs and function in a more efficient manner.  The perspective of my Coach, as an objective observer, has been incredibly helpful and the information contained in Optimal Outcome is well worth the investment.”

Gale Wiersma, Rural Insurance Agent

“Before Optimal Outcome, I had my hands in everything and did a poor job of delegating tasks to my staff and then holding them accountable to those tasks.  With the help of Optimal Outcome and my Coach, my staff and I have been able to restructure the office and eliminate the chaos.

Jill Steigleman, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Optimal Outcome and my Coach have enabled me to transform from an overworked insurance agent with no clear direction to a confident business woman with increasing productivity, on the path to an optimal work/life balance

Nathan Leonardelli, Rural Insurance Agent

Before Optimal Outcome, I spent 12+ hour days at the office always trying to catch up.  With the help of my Coach, I am now designing an 8-10 hour day that not only enables me to get in front of more clients and increase my sales & revenue but will also let me spend more time with my family.

Nick McKittrick, Rural Insurance Agent

The program and my Coach have shown me how to prioritize and organize in such a way that I am now able to delegate tasks to my office staff and get out in front of more clients.  As a result, my business has increased 40% over the last year.  I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience in the Optimal Outcome Program

Tiffany Lensch, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Optimal Outcome and my Coach have paved the way for me to be a more effective manager and to better understand the knowledge my staff must have in order to better satisfy our clients.  Optimal Outcome has given me peace of mind

Tina Meitl, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Optimal Outcome should be a pre-requisite for any insurance agents looking to open an agency.  The program and my Coach saved me countless hours of trial and error and unnecessary mistakes by providing a structured environment in which to talk through ideas and, in fact, brought to light opportunities that I may not have seen otherwise

Phil Hinrichs, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

The Optimal Outcome Program has given my business consistent production with less burden on me. I have more confidence in my management approach because there is more structure for me to delegate better. This difference has made my team more pro-active and enabled them to take ownership and solve problems without me. The Optimal Outcome program content is invaluable, There are so many tools and resources within the program that I use regularly. The one resource I would like to have more time with is my coach. She is a joy and a talented person who  knows my business and how to approach each situation. 


Troy DeLair, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

It took me awhile to get started, I thought I was too busy and never had enough time. I am now very ecstatic that I started the program and am more focused on what my business needs. The Optimal Outcome program and my coach have allowed me to build a great business. I work “on” my business more and less “in” my business. I have increased production and am more efficient. The program has touched every facet of my business and I am just getting started.

Kelley Linn, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

The Optimal Outcome experience was life changing for me and what I learned in the program flows into every part of my life. I decided to begin Optimal Outcome because I had just taken over a book of business with no staff, no insurance experience, and my prospecting activity was falling short. I was overwhelmed and felt unsuccessful. Through Optimal Outcome I saw an immediate change to my business. I had consistent and repeatable results and I was better armed to manage and hire. Through the program I developed many tools that I still use on a daily basis.

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