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Have you considered expanding or buying a business?

The time has never been better and the opportunities have never been greater. As the Baby Boomers age and begin to look for the golf course or beach, the number of business opportunities is blossoming. So, if you are interested in becoming a business owner, then you can benefit from the services of Benchmark Business Group.

We are a Full Disclosure Business Brokerage.

Benchmark Business Group is a "full disclosure" business brokerage because we believe this is the only fair and honest way to do business. "Full disclosure" means that when a Seller lists with our Firm, they commit to furnishing:

  1. Business tax returns on the business for 3 prior years.
  2. Profit & Loss statements for the current year.
  3. A complete list of known tangible and intangible assets and liabilities.
  4. A list of the physical assets of the business, with the assets to be delivered to the Buyer in proper operating condition.
  5. Premises lease information, include term of lease, square footage, and amount of rent.
  6. A fair and equitable purchase price.
  7. Adequate training for the Buyer (by the Sellers) on matters specific to Seller’s business at no extra cost to the Buyer.

Buyers enjoy working with our business brokers because they are confident they have received the information needed to know what they are buying.

Our Value to A Buyer:

Our business listings are prepared and presented in a professional, logical format providing Buyers with objective business and financial information for each listing.  Our business brokerage team assists buyers in connecting with lending institutions and can also assist in making introductions between you and accounting, legal and financial services professionals.  Our business brokers work with buyers to analyze business listings from a cash-flow perspective, evaluating a listing from the same perspective as lending institutions will view it, to consider if it meets lending criteria. We can provide buyers with forms, tools, and documents for providing a seller with a Letter of Intent or an Offer to Purchase, and we work closely with buyer’s attorneys and financial professionals to ensure they have ready access to select business information for our listings. Our pre-closing efforts pave the way to ensuring buyers and sellers have the information necessary for the closing transaction to go smoothly.

As part of our service to the Buyer, we help:

  • Determine what type of opportunity is suitable  
  • Present the available opportunities to you
  • Provide information and answer your questions
  • Facilitate negotiations with the seller(s)
  • Assist in securing financing for the purchase
  • Navigate the way to a closed transaction

Contact us for a free consultation, or to allow us to show you one of our many business listings.  

No fees are charged to the Buyer on the sale transaction.

When looking at businesses listed with us, the seller has already agreed to pay any commissions or fees associated with the sale.  There are no fees charged to the buyer under those circumstances.  That said, it is possible to engage us on a fee basis to locate businesses for you to buy that have not been listed with us.  Even then, an interested seller will often agree to a limited listing and payment of the fee.  The best place to start is to become a Registered Buyer with Benchmark and to look at our current businesses for sale.

Buying a business is most often cheaper than starting one.

Although some individuals prefer the challenge of starting their business from the ground up, purchasing an established business is more often a sensible alternative. An existing business is likely to include many of these amenities: name recognition, a customer base, a revenue stream, the fixtures, furniture and equipment needed to operate the business and, last but not least, a track record when seeking financing.

A variety of business types and sizes to choose from.

Our office has a buffet of privately-held businesses for sale, as well as nationally known franchises. There are dozens of opportunities to choose from and a qualified business broker will assist in researching your choices -- always at your own pace.  And if you don’t see something you are interested in immediately, become a Registered Buyer and we will automatically notify you of listings that may be of interest to you, as indicated by your preferences.

Business coaching and consulting services.

Whether you are an experienced business owner or fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream for the first time, we can provide highly affordable, just-in-time business development training, education, coaching and consulting services to multiply your likelihood of success.  We have over 75 years of combined expertise in business coaching and business consulting and have helped hundreds of business owners create turn-key businesses positioned for exponential growth and eventual sale.  There is no other firm with our background and training providing this unique combination of business coaching, business consulting, succession planning, and business brokerage services, which is an invaluable asset to someone preparing to buy a business.  Our coaching and consulting services have helped business owners multiply sales, increase revenue, hire and retain great employees, create and implement turn-key systems strategies, and a myriad of other results that have been life altering for our clients.

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