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Inspired Action Series - Dealing with Difficult Customers

In the heat of the moment, do your employees know how to diffuse a difficult client? Unresolved client issues can cost you more than money, it can damage your reputation and result in losing clients. Rely on Take the H.E.A.T training to provide your team with an easy to use method to productively interact with even the most difficult clients. With a focus on ensuring your clients feel cared for, your team will learn the four steps to handle conflict with confidence and remain calm through emotional situations. 

Gather your team members together and learn how to:

  • Hear through a client’s anger to understand the real issue and solve the right problem
  • Ensure that a disgruntled client feels listened to and understood
  • Leave a client feeling cared for, even if you can’t give them what they want
  • Resolve conflict, achieve results, and retain the client.

This Inspired Action Series includes:

  • A one-hour webinar

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