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System Development

Document, Organize, Access, and Protect your Operating Systems.

Benchmark Business Group consults with clients to put in place a Systems Team and a Business Knowledge Management (BKM) Systems Strategy to focus on designing, documenting, innovating, and organizing business work systems.  A Systems Team meets regularly and engages in an organized process of documenting, innovating and protecting your business operating knowledge. See our terminology for systems and processes.

Is your company ready for a Systems Initiative?

Benchmark Business Group has initiated Systems Initiatives and installed Systems Teams in large and small businesses. From a team of one, to a team of ten, the same structure and tools are needed to formulate and carry out a sustainable systems initiative. Our Systems Initiative Map overviews the benchmarks we take with our clients to initiate a Systems Strategy and infuse systemic thinking within your workplace culture.

The one thing our clients have in common is the desire to move beyond having business intelligence that exists only in the heads of themselves and their employees. They are committed to having their operating intelligence documented and accessible, regardless of who joins or departs their company. Our clients want the capability to take their work processes (documented or not) to the next level and want to provide new and existing employees with the tools and systems that ensure a consistent and predictable result will be achieved.  In addition to improving business operations, our clients are looking to increase the value of their business so that when the time comes to sell their business, they'll be able to attract buyers and sell for a premium price.  If you're ready to get started, contact us today!

How we consult with our clients

We support clients in selecting and or hiring key systems team members and provide the training and support to establish a core team of employees to customize and execute a Business Knowledge Management Systems Strategy. Our systems workshops and training support your Systems Team by engaging employees at all levels of your business to play a role in systems development. Our customizable BKM Systems Strategy and experienced business consultants, lead your team step-by-step through creating a highly functioning Systems Team. We provide a straight forward, logical approach to documenting, organizing, protecting, and accessing your operating intelligence.

Every employee is a part of your Systems Initiative.

Our consultants and trainers can engage employees throughout your business to become solutions based thinkers and embrace systemic thinking. We deliver workshops and training for managers, leaders, and employees. We know that when your employees are focused on solutions, instead of being focused on problems, your business, your employees, and your clients will benefit.

Documented Work Processes and Your People

Using a documented work process is about getting the best result instead of getting mired in the details of HOW to get it done. Documented processes are roadmaps and should be trained on, followed, and used whenever possible to achieve the defined results. HOW to get a result is important, however it is the RESULT that the company is interested in.

Hiring great people and providing them with extraordinary work processes ensures employees are freed up to focus on consistent execution of the systems that ensure their success. When your employees have the standards and steps for achieving a result, they play a vital role in quantifying, evaluating the inputs and outputs of the systems they use, and suggesting ways for improving them.

Terminology for Systems

“It is not a question of how well each process works, the question is how well they all work together.” - Lloyd Dobens

  • Process: A series of actions or elements which create a specific result.
  • System:  A collection of interacting or interdependent processes that contribute to a larger system of work.

For example - the system of Cold Calling is a combination of processes, such as; identifying the target market, creating or obtaining the listing of targets, inputting the targets into the computer, the cold call scripting and rebuttals, transferring the results of the call to another department.... Each of these processes are stand-alone processes and can be done apart from each other, however all together they combine to make up the entire system work; Cold Calling, needed by a company.  If a company is missing any of these processes the system of work, called Cold Calling, will not happen effectively .

Implement Systems Today

Trust us, the only "perfect" time to start implementing or improving the systems in your business is today.  We often hear our clients say that they wish they would have made this call years ago, because the truth is that systems work.  Contact us today to see how we can help you with the systemization of your business. 


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