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Video Testimonials on the Power of Business Coaching

Various, Insurance and Financial Services Advisors

Should You Invest in Business Coaching?

“When you say, ‘what is my return on it?’ some of it is not even able to be quantified because… the peace of mind, the fact that I can go to a conference or go on vacation with my family and I don’t have to worry because I have the people in place that can tackle the problems and are self-motivated to take care of it.”  Kendon Perry 

Barbara Collins, Insurance and Financial Service Advisor

How Business Coaching Gave Me Back My Life


“ I’m senior in my career and I love the idea that I have a life again.”

“I was 20+ years in the business working many, many, many hours early morning to late night, nights and weekends, waking up in the middle of the night wondering if I had completed the task that needed to be done and feeling very fragmented in my day, distracted, overworked, really pretty disenchanted and sort of wondering how long I would be able to continue operating at that pace. ~Barbara Collins 

Larry Marshall, Insurance and Financial Services Advisor

How Business Coaching Showed Me Value Realized

“ Truly, it’s Value Realized.”

“Optimal Outcome gives that big picture look about how to run the whole operation, how to be an employer, how to hire people, how to let people go, how to look at profit, how to analyze the numbers, how to run your calendar for the optimal outcome. ~Larry Marshall


Various, Insurance Agents and Financial Advisor

How Can Business Coaching Help Me Maximize My Time?

“If it gives you free time, if it gives you peace of mind, if it gives you that opportunity to enjoy the things in life that you really like to do – and still have a productive business – it’s a wonderful alternative.”  Doug Collins


Agents, Insurance and Financial Services Advisors

How Can Business Coaching Help Me Attain a Work Life Balance?

“I have taken more personal time than I ever have because coaching taught me to bring in the right people to do the work that used to all fall on my shoulders and now I have other people to do the fair amount of that work.” Barbara Collins


Various, Insurance and Financial Services Advisors

How Can  Business Coaching Help Me Develop My Staff and Team?

“The training curve has shortened a bunch because we have systems that we have created and built and we can hand them a tool to go learn what we want them to do and everybody’s doing things the same way instead of a bunch of different ways.”  Mikeal Hodges


Page Pitmann, Financial Service Advisor


"I think differently about my business."

Joe Fernandez, Financial Service Advisor

"Instead of the business running me, I run the business."


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