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Over the years many of the Business Insights we've written have provided great value to our clients.  In this library, we've selected a few that have had the most impact for our clients and combined the month long topics into one document for your ease of use.   Keep up with our current Insights and find more topics here.

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Every business has a workplace culture, but many are created without intention.  This article walks business owners through understanding their current workplace culture and then intentionally redesigning that culture to be what you want it to be.

Time Management

We all know the value of having a block of time in which you are free to work without any interruptions.  Business Owners often go into work early, stay later, or even go in on days off or even Holidays to find a few hours in which there are no interruptions.  What we also know is that while it's easy to see the value and to say you should create time in which you allow zero interruptions, it's much harder to implement this time management practice.  With this in mind, we've created a step by step to help guide you and your employees in implementing this life changing system.


A great overview of setting expectations in the sales process to make your collection process smoother in the long run.


Is your business not getting the result it needs from an employee?  This Insight will help you design a system for you or your management team to approach your next employee issue and get better results for your business.

Ruts happen to all of us, but as a manager you need to be able to help yourself and your team escape ruts.  This series helps you identify the type of rut and gives practical tips for helping someone to get outside of the rut.

A must read for any manager that wants an employee to have more ownership in the work that they do for you.

This article outlines the a productive thought process that anyone involved in a conflict should adapt before approaching conflict resolution.  It's extremely helpful if all parties in a conflict read through this before attempting conflict resolution, but can be just as helpful if only one reads it.

Insight discussing the importance of a small business establishing vacation policies in order to establish work life balance for the owner and team members.

Every company has their own point of view of what makes an impactful manager. The culture and vision of the business play a huge role in defining how a manager should think within our company. This document is a sample containing the points of view we believe are important for a manager to adapt within our business.

This template on how to work with your manager is a resource in our Developing Managers Insight.  It can be used to introduce a manager with the best way to work with their managers, especially owner-managers, and to introduce a new manager's style to their team.

Sample that can be tailored to train on how a project manager needs to think in order to be successful.

Sample template for a project plan to be used by project managers in small business.

Systemizing a Business

All businesses need to be prepared for natural disasters and other business interrupting events.  This is a quick start guide that can be used to evaluate the systems your business needs to be ready in case your business is impacted.

Looks at the need for a business to use, prove, and improve systems within their business to create better results and own business intelligence. 

Hiring and Recruiting

We hear it all the time: You can't hire good people anymore.  The truth is, the hiring field can be very competitive, which means your business needs to be competitive.  Follow this Insight to understand and look for ways to make your business more appealing to quality candidates.


A step by step guide to think through your marketing strategy for upcoming events such as trade shows.


Fun, easy to implement, but effective ways to increase your lead generation strategy using chocolate.  

Does your lead generation strategy need a jump start?  In this Insight we cover lead generation strategies that involve technology, that involve community, as well as out of the box ideas and those ideas that worked so well you stopped using them.  This is a great handout for you and your staff to discuss how you're going to hit your sales goals!

Need More Leads White Paper

Web Marketing: Seo and Social

If you're frustrated with working with some of your technology vendors you don't want to miss this Insight!  Practical advice on how to work with your vendors, especially those in the tech field, to ensure that your business gets the results that it needs.


A great breakdown of how to set a successful mindset in sales.  Covers how to determine what your activities need to be to have a win, a focus on intentional imbalance in scheduling, and creative ways to structure your calendar to ensure that you're ahead of your goals.  Great for any business owner, sales manager, or sales associate. 

Cross Selling White Paper

Client Service

How well does your business listen and respond to your customers' needs?  Use this Insight to explore how to improve your customer service.

Value of Your Business

At BBG, we believe that the reason you own a business is very personal. It's a bit different for each business owner but it can be summarized in two impactful words: Value Realized.  The sole purpose of owning a business is to realize value. What value means to you could be different, but for the most part, business owners consistently want more time, more profit, and more freedom.  And of course, when the time comes to transition out of your business it's:

  • More Options
  • More Offers
  • More Profit

In this insight we explore what value you want from your business and then discuss the 8 Key drivers that increase the value of your business. These 8 key drivers are part of the Value Builder System as described by John Warrillow in the bestselling book: Built to Sell.

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