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Seller Insights a master class in preparing a business for sale

Educate. Prepare. Sell.

Seller Insights a master class in selling a business

Seller Insights is a Masterclass in Preparing a Business for Sale.

At BBG we believe every Seller should have the opportunity to gain the insights of seasoned deal professionals. It’s why we created Seller Insights; a series of short high impact videos with optional exercises that provide Sellers with tips for engaging with buyers, strategies for negotiating, insights to avoid costly mistakes, and the knowledge of what to expect as they go through due diligence and head to the closing table. 

Prepared Sellers...

Win at the Closing Table

Identify Barriers

Create Strategies

Develop Action Steps

Why Seller Insights?

Over 50% of business deals never reach the closing table!  That statistic motivated us to discover why so many deals fall through and to identify what we could do to change it. What we discovered was quite simple. Most business owners have never sold a business before, don't know what to expect and lack the understanding necessary to navigate the process of selling.

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