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Field Leader Value Added Series


Our Field Leader Value Added Series is designed specifically for those field leaders in the financial services industry that want to increase the advisor touches they have throughout the year with a focus on adding value to their field.  

This series can be accessed and used by Field Leaders, but we also encourage their team members (especially the marketing/sales team) to access and use these resources.  The Value Added Series includes:


  • Monthly Advisor Touch -  

    Your team will receive an email the 1st Friday of each month with a link to an article that will highlight a common issue in agencies.  In the email, your team will be given examples to use the article to:
    • Add Value  - Use as an advisor touch to stay top of mind and provide content/resources.

    • Promote Your Value -  highlight what you already do for your agents as well as promote any tools/resources that are available from your office.

    • Facilitate a Needed Conversation - initiate a conversation with an advisor struggling in this area.

  • Resource Portal -

    Protected login to a growing toolbox of content and resources.  The monthly emails will be added so you can access and use when needed such as when an advisor has a specific issue where you want to add value.  In addition, this portal will be filled with other resources and tools that will continue to help you add value to your field.


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As field leaders, we know that you're busy and may have a team that is assigned to market to your field.  With that in mind, we encourage you to sign up not just yourself, but your team.  Your team will receive the same access that you have making it easier for you to use the resources and content provided. Provide your team members names and emails below to ensure that they are also signed up.

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