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Inspired Action Series

Inspired Action Series - powered by Optimal Outcome: Designed specifically for the financial services industry, this series will focus you and your team on smaller and easy-to-implement actions that will take your business to the next level.  

The Inspired Action Series are compact, high result trainings that are designed to engage your team in moving beyond current ways of working and thinking, to help them achieve greater results. Each training provides your team new ways of thinking about and approaching the work they do, gives them new tools to put into action, and leaves them with a plan to ensure they, and your business get a return on your investment.

These series provides the excitement and inspiration of a seminar and the results and accountability of business coaching. It’s the best of both worlds.  

Current Offerings

We are constantly developing and adding to our list of Inspired Action Series.  Click on the category below to see the current offerings within that category.  Don't see what you need?  Be sure to contact us to discuss your needs.

Prospecting and Sales:

  • Prospecting in 15 Minutes!

    Does your team struggle with time to prospect? Finding the time to prospect is easier said than done.  You get busy with meetings, trainings, and taking care of your clients.  This creates peaks and valleys in commissions and can be costly when it comes to maximizing your provider contracts.   Prospecting in 15 ensures that prospecting never stops or slows down.  Learn a simple consistent method to make the most of 15 minutes a day and keep your pipeline full.   Learn more about Prospecting in 15 Minutes!

  • Automatic Prospect Sources

    Do you need prospecting sources that consistently supply you with leads? In any business, it’s important to have a network of sources that are consistently sending leads to your business.  Successful agencies understand that these vital relationships must be nurtured much like relationships with your clients.  This series will teach you how to nurture your current relationships to increase leads, build a long-term lead source, and put in place the structures your business needs to develop and nurture new prospect sources.  Learn more about Automatic Prospect Sources.
  • Building Sales Skills that Get to Yes

    Want to increase sales? When your prospects feel heard and listened to getting a Yes is not only easier, but more effective in building a long term relationship.  Successful salespeople understand that they always need to hone their skills.  Whether you’ve been selling for 20 years or 2 months, this series will challenge your team to improve their skills to make the sales process more natural and effective.  Learn more about Building Sales Skills that Get to Yes.

Team Building:

  • From Management to Employee Self-Management

    Are you ready for employees that take ownership of their job? If you spend time worrying if your team is getting their job done, wondering what they’re doing, or if they’ve dropped a ball - it’s time to shake things up and turn the way you manage upside down. In three private coaching session Agency owners and managers will learn how to leverage their employee’s potential beyond anything they've experienced.  By implementing the UpSideDown Manager techniques and tools you can engage employees to take ownership of getting results – without you checking up on them. Learn more about From Management to Employee Self-Management.
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

    In the heat of the moment, do your employees know how to diffuse a difficult client? Unresolved client issues can cost you more than money, it can damage your reputation and result in losing clients. Rely on Take the H.E.A.T training to provide your team with an easy to use method to productively interact with even the most difficult clients. With a focus on ensuring your clients feel cared for, your team will learn the four steps to handle conflict with confidence and remain calm through emotional situations. Learn more about Dealing with Difficult Customers.
  • Build a Service Team that Excels at Cross-Selling (Service through Selling)

 Does your team miss cross-selling opportunities? Cross-selling is an important part of growing your business, but often times service teams are simply uncomfortable and untrained to turn opportunities into sales.   In this series, your team will be challenged to see that cross-selling isn’t an option, it’s an important part of fulfilling the promise that your business makes to all clients.   It puts the service back into cross-selling and teaches your team to listen, ask, and act on opportunities in order to help clients minimize their risks and maximize their opportunities.  Learn more about Build a Service Team that Excels at Cross-Selling (Service Through Selling).


Hiring and Training:

  • Hiring for Success

    Hiring the wrong person is an expensive mistake that you don’t have to make!  In Hiring for Success you’ll gain access to the ready-to-go tools that will eliminate the guess work of finding the best candidate for your team.  Even better, this training will save you time not just now, but for all future hires with customizable tools for sourcing, hiring, and successfully starting new employees.  Whether you’re new to hiring or a hiring pro, this training will take the pain out of finding the perfect candidate for your team. Learn more about Hiring for Success.
  • Turn-Key Training

    Does your business struggle with training employees? Training can feel like an overwhelming task! The constraints of time and lack of a plan often result in training that can be described as; hit and run training, do what I do training, don’t do that training, or hire and hope for the best training. Imagine having turn-key training that allows you to hire the best and plug them into a training path they can take ownership of. Turn-key training is essential for the positions you need to grow your business.  Learn more about Turn-Key Training.

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