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Customize Your Optimal Outcome

Customize your plan to achieve your Optimal Outcome

No matter what level of change you are looking for, the Optimal Outcome program can be tailored to your needs: 

Blue Level – 15 meetings in 5 months
Is there a result you need to change ASAP? The Blue Level takes a targeted approach to the area of your business requiring the most immediate results. You will work with your business coach to utilize specific Optimal Outcome best practices, tools and templates to focus on your greatest need and where the highest impact can be achieved.

Teal Level – 27 meetings in 9 months 
Already know your business has more than one challenge?  Save money and jump right to the Teal Level which includes the immediate impact realized in the Blue Level PLUS gives you the flexibility to target additional areas of your business. You will work with your business coach to leverage the Optimal Outcome program contents to your specific needs and engage your employees with a targeted team training.

Gold Level – 45 meetings in 15 months    **Best Value
Have you recognized that your business would benefit from an overhaul? A re-invention of the critical areas of business activity? The Gold Level gives you the best value by combining the immediate impact realized in the Blue Level as well as the flexibility to target additional areas of your business from the Teal Level; PLUS you receive full access to all five Success Skill Blocks along with the best practices in the Optimal Outcome program. Working with your business coach to provide guidance and feedback, you will apply tools, techniques and strategies to redesign your business. As a result of progressing through the best practice materials, you will automatically be building your Agency Business Plan. One of the outcomes of applying the Optimal Outcome best practice materials to your business is you will have your business strategies in presentation quality. These strategies will be placed in your ready-to-go business plan binder as you complete them. Your business plan can be utilized for engaging your key business relationships in (banker, accountant, product vendors, and employees) in understanding your desire and strategy for growth.

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