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GREETINGS, BUSINESS OWNERS AND ENTREPRENEURS! Welcome to our website!  If you are a business owner or wanting to own a business, you have found a unique combination of solutions under one roof.  At Benchmark Business Group, you can learn how to grow your business, solve any frustration in your business, sell your business, buy a business, or plan for your succession and exit in any number of ways.  Since 1999, and with hundreds of success stories, we have provided business coaching, business consulting, business brokerage, business evaluations, business succession planning, business strategic planning, and systems design and documentation.  And, we have provided these services in every type of business you can name:  professional services, health professionals, manufacturing, distribution, retail, construction, insurance and financial services, a variety of service businesses, and more. In short, no matter what type of business you have, or how unique your problems and frustrations may be, we have the experience and know-how to help you solve them.

Our business is business, and it is what we know about our own business that will help you transform yours.

What We Know About Business

You have the opportunity to design a business that works, to discover the replicable leverage it takes to grow a business to whatever size you design, then to cash in on, or realize, its value at a time you choose. Design it; Grow it; Realize the Value of it. As a business owner/leader your role is to discover how to successfully move your business through each stage.

In the life cycle of business, you are mentally, emotionally and physically engaged in one of three stages:

  1. Designing a business of value
  2. Growing a business of value
  3. Realizing a business of value

Stage One: Designing a Business of Value

A business of value is one that provides you with a level of satisfaction, financial freedom, and freedom to design how you use your time to live the life you have always dreamed of living.  It is a business with a clear vision and purpose, an ability to attract and retain the most desirable customers, financial stability, and a highly contagious employee culture of teamwork and productivity toward a mutually understood set of objectives.  At the end of the story, it is a business whose value attracts top quality buyers willing to pay a premium price for the privilege of stepping into your shoes when you are ready to retire.

To achieve effective design and optimal value, Benchmark Business Group offers business coaching and business consulting in a variety of formats to address business issues in any place in a business’ life cycle.  Executive and Leadership Coaching to develop and fine tune strategic and leadership skills; Results Coaching to deal with more tactical issues of execution, implementation and problem solving; Value Realized Coaching uses the Value Builder System, as described in Built to Sell, to help business owners identify and strengthen the 8 key drivers that influence a business’ ability to sell for a maximum value; and Business Consulting at various levels for systems development, marketing and sales development, hiring and retention processes, and strategic planning and business unit design.  The coaching unit also provides specific coaching for business owners preparing their businesses for sale and desiring to increase value and attract qualified buyers.

For many years, Benchmark has used its broad-based business development skills and tools in the niche market of insurance and financial services, assisting hundreds of both captive and independent agents and advisors to achieve exponential results in their practices, and transforming practices into business that work FOR the agent/advisor, not just because of them.  Benchmark has developed and delivers the high impact Optimal Outcome Coaching Program specifically designed for the insurance and financial services industry.

Stage Two - Growing a Business of Value

A well-designed business is poised for growth.  Business growth happens in multiple ways.  A company with a strong foundation may choose to grow through acquisition, development of new products or services, adding new locations, adding clients/customers, or increasing sales to existing clients/customers. Any combination of these strategies requires a plan of action that includes who, what, how, and when.

With clear strategies and a plan in place, the activities required to generate qualified leads, convert qualified leads to active clients/customers, and fulfill the service promise in such a way that customers keep coming back for more is a natural, almost inevitable, result. Having the leverage enabled by systems that work and the management and organizational structure for implementation, growth comes down to execution, execution, execution.  Benchmark’s business coaching and consulting services are designed to bring results-changing accountability to any business and business leadership.  Without it, most businesses literally leave the game of growth to chance.

Stage Three - Realizing the Value from your Business

There comes a point in every business owner’s life when it is time to sell or transition out of their business.  A few promise to “die with their boots on,” but most business owners are interested in realizing the value of their years of effort, either by selling their business to a third party, selling it internally to employees or family, or transitioning the business to family in a mutually workable arrangement. Understanding the issues to consider when planning your succession and ultimate exit from the business, understanding the selling or transition process, and knowing what makes a business highly marketable, transferable, and attractive to buyers are topics of a great deal of expertise and experience.  Seeking advice in these areas can save countless frustrations and thousands of dollars, and can make the business transition experience far more enjoyable and significantly more profitable.  Benchmark’s Business Broker unit has over 52 years of experience and expertise in selling businesses, evaluating businesses, helping buyers find and acquire businesses, succession planning, exit strategies, and preparation of businesses for the market.  Michael Gerber, the best-selling author of the E-Myth books, has written that “the only sane reason to own a business is to sell it”.  We would add: the only sane way to sell a business is with expert guidance and assistance. In addition to our business brokerage services, for owners wanting to list their business for sale in the near future, we also offer Value Realized Coaching.  Using the Value Builder System made famous in Built to Sell, our business coaches work with owners to design their business to sell for maximum value, so their business is ready when they are. 

Design it. Grow it. Realize the Value of it.

What Stops You From Building a Business of Value

The team at Benchmark Business Group operates from several unique points of view about business and business owners.  These are truths that reveal themselves in virtually every encounter with our clients..

  • Businesses are perfectly designed to get the results they keep getting, like it or not.
  • You are the chief architect of your business design, and if you don’t like what is happening, you first have to redesign the way you think.
  • That experience you keep calling your “best teacher” is the same experience that keeps you trying the same things over and over again only to get the same results.
  • What you don’t know can hurt you.
  • Knowing is not enough; you must act on what you know.

If you're ready to Design it, Build it, or Realize the Value From your business contact us today to get started.

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