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Even just thinking about selling your business is a big deal. It's most likely your biggest asset and will play a major role in your retirement plans. You might worry about what will happen to your employees and legacy. You might even be wondering, is it time to sell? And if not now, when?

We got our start in business coaching in 1999, but by 2011 we realized that many business owners were approaching their exit with no plan. And we became passionate about making sure the clients we helped in our coaching had better options. Since then we've helped hundreds of business owners across the nation navigate the sale of their business. In fact, currently 95% of our deals signed by a buyer and seller close, when the national average is only 20-30%. We get deals done. In 2022 we expanded to Tucson, Arizona in an effort to reach more business owners. Even if you're not ready to sell now, what we know can help you in the future.  


1.   Start with a Confidential Conversation with a Business Broker

Beginning to think about selling your business can be nerve wracking. You may not want some people to know you are thinking about selling your business - employees, customers, vendors, possibly even family. Whether you're ready to list today, or just starting to think about it we encourage you to talk to one of our Arizona Business Brokers. Our Business Brokers can help guide you through the process and put you in touch with the tools, knowledge, and experience you need to make the best decision for you and your business.


3.  Prepare Your Business for Sale

Once you know the value of your business it's time to decide if/when you want to sell. If it's today, our Business Brokers can help you list your business for sale. We have a dedicated marketing team that will meet with you to package your business to attract qualified buyers. We offer all brokerage clients access to Seller Insights, an online program designed to prepare you for buyer engagement and due diligence. And we have a database of qualified buyers that we will tap into as we take your business to market. If you're not ready, our brokers can put you in touch with our business coaching division with a focus on increasing the value of your business, until you are ready to sell.

2.  Discover How Much Your Business is Worth

Every business owner should know the current market value of their business. Our Business Brokers are trained to complete a confidential Broker Opinion of Value which is designed to show you the maximum value a buyer may pay in today's economy. If needed, our team can also offer Certified Valuations. For those businesses within our market area, in most cases, there is no up-front cost as we are passionate that business owners need to be informed about the value of their business. If you decide you're not ready to sell today, we're confident that you'll call our Arizona Business Brokers when you're ready to sell.


4. Actively Market Your Business For Sale

As mentioned, with a dedicated marketing team on staff we take packaging and marketing your business off your hands. Our team will put together an Executive Summary which will confidentially market your business to potential buyers. We use a variety of methods to find interested buyers including our website, other industry websites, our private database of pre-qualified buyers, and other active marketing methods. We handle all incoming inquiries weeding out buyers that are not serious, saving you valuable time. We coach you through the entire process, including what information to share and when. As a full-service business brokerage, you'll never feel alone when you're working with our team.

Why Use A BBG Business Broker?

You can list your business for sale yourself, but most business owners sell one business in their lifetime. What they don't know can lead to costly mistakes such as:

  • sharing too much information with buyers who are not qualified

  • not knowing how to structure the deal to get maximum value and the best after-sale tax proceeds

  • getting caught up in the wrong details and scaring off great buyers and more.

In addition a great Business Broker is going to help price your business, prepare and list your business for sale, find and qualify buyers, and help you navigate due diligence and negotiations. It sounds like a full time job, because it is. At Benchmark Business group our Business Brokers have helped sell hundreds of businesses. We can guide you through the process saving you time to ultimately reach a deal that maximizes your value.

Meet Our Arizona Business Brokers to sell your business

Confidential No-Obligation Conversation with a BBG Business Broker

Are you ready to sell? Or not sure if you're ready to sell? We invite you to have a confidential, no obligation conversation with one of our experienced Business Brokers. They can help you understand critical factors business owners should know when it comes to their exit. This includes: knowing what increases the value of your business, how much your business is currently worth, what it would look like to sell now, and how to get started in the process of selling your business. Selling your business is a big deal, but you don't have to navigate this process by yourself.



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