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Our E-Myth Beginnings

Our business coaching center is an outgrowth of E-Myth Worldwide, and was built in collaboration with , author of The E-Myth Revisited and Beyond the E-Myth.  Our business coaches work with clients throughout the United States and internationally to coach them through the process of reinventing their businesses. We strive to provide our clients with the information to become world-class businesses that work predictably and consistently, for the owner, and not just because of them.

We've been proud to be a part of the E-Myth journey.  Our company was founded on and continues to practice and promote the E-Myth Point of View.  Our business has expanded from offering business coaching and consulting to also offering business brokerage services for those business owners wanting to sell their business or those wanting to buy a business.
If you're not familiar with E-Myth we invite you to read more about it below.

What is the E-Myth?

The "E-Myth," or Entrepreneurial Myth, is the flawed assumption that people who are experts at a certain technical skill will therefore be successful running a business that does that technical work.

The term E-Myth was coined by  As an entrepreneur, Michael realized that there was a pattern to business failures and more important -- to business success.  His vision became to create a turnkey revolution in small business.  He coined the term E-Myth and began speaking across the country to business owners and through his business coaching program, E-Myth Mastery Impact!, Michael has made it possible for tens of thousands of small business owners to create turn-key businesses.

Michael Gerber

E-Myth Point of View embodies his commitment to personal growth and the realization that a business owner's purpose in life can be actualized through his or her business. Michael Gerber's efforts, his message--his very life's work has been to empower business owners to gain more freedom, more money, more time, and more life.

Besides speaking to business audiences, expresses The E-Myth Point of View through his highly-acclaimed business books. His book, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It (Harper Business), is licensed in 16 languages and has gone into its tenth printing. Selling over 3 million copies, The E-Myth Revisited has been named one of the top business best sellers.  

E-Myth Revisited: The Book

There was a hunger among business owners and leaders for Michael's perspective on how to create and run a successful business. In 1986, at the request of Harper Business Books, wrote The E-Myth.   In 1994, after two other publications, he wrote The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It.  Since that time the books have become classics.
E-Myth Revisited is different from most business books:

  • It began with an existing and proven process and business coaching program that resulted in a book, rather than a book with a compelling idea that is looking for someone to develop a process and program to justify its value.
  • When you read a great business book, ask yourself this question:  Does the book have a proven process and program to deliver systemic change, or is that just a myth?
  • Awareness is not enough to begin change, sustain change, and deliver impact.  There must be awareness and structured actions.  Structured actions require a process and a business coaching program like Mastery Impact, which is not a myth, but a fact!


What Are The Five Core Principles of E-Myth?

  • The Principle of Life: Your business is a way to get more out of your life.  It is more than just a job you have created for yourself, but rather, it is there to serve you.
  • The Law of Objectivization: View your business as separate from you - as a product of you - and you will be able to reinvent it.  It is about taking a step outside of your business and looking at it objectively.
  • Working ON it not IN it: The business as a whole is the product, not the things or the services the business produces.  You need to be focused on building your business, not merely cranking out products or services.
  • Systemization:  View your business as an integrated system.  The system does the work, and people run the system.
  • Business Development Cycle:  The task of the owner is continuous development of the business through the ongoing process of innovation, quantification, and orchestration.

To discover how to implement the core principles of E-Myth in your business, contact us today!

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