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Since 2006, Benchmark Business Group has worked extensively with insurance agents, financial advisors, field leaders and professionals in the financial services industry. Our newsletter Optimal Outcome Insights provides additional value to financial services professionals in short and thought-provoking articles with practical insights. Delivered to your inbox on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, these insights will challenge you to design your Agency to achieve optimal results. You can sign up here or read published Optimal Outcome Insights below.

Using Scripts Effectively

Scripts. Many in the financial services industry hate the idea of using a script. The obstacles that scripts create are real. Agencies are concerned that if they use a script they will: Come across as robotic and not authentic. Miss opportunities by creating too narrow of a focus. Create a...
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How Do You View Your Time?

Time Management is important for all business leaders, but in the financial services industry there are points of view that make managing your time extremely difficult. These may include: I’m at my best when I’m in front of clients: This sees you as the best salesperson in your business but...
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Time For A Reset

January is often a month that can feel like a reset. Many product producer contracts are reset at the beginning of the year and there are new deadlines and goals to work towards and sales for the year start at zero. It’s a fresh slate to start the year. It’s...
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Controlling The Uncontrollable

We often coach our Financial Services clients to understand what they can control and what they can’t control. In every industry there are things outside of your control, but within this industry the elements you can’t control often become excuses that hold you back. There is truth to excuses, but...
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