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Field Leader's Optimal Outcome

Insurance Field Leaders often feel like they are trapped in the middle, but Optimal Outcome Insurance Coaching can help free field leaders.

At Benchmark Business Group, we have a proven history of helping businesses build value, especially in the financial services industry. We understand that being a field leader is demanding.  Your company is counting on you to deliver results, hire more recruits, train the advisors you already have, increase sales, and ensure policies and procedures are in place.  You also have agents that trust in you to train, develop, and be an important resource in their agencies.  It's not an easy career path and can easily be a blueprint for burnout, but you get by.

You tend to the day to day fires.  You train.  You recruit.  You solve problems.  You squeeze another thirty minutes into an already full work day.  It's exhausting, but we can help you break free of just getting by.  We don't have a magic pill, but we have developed a set of proven systems and a toolbox that, when implemented, unleashes you to achieve your mission.


Proven Solutions, Proven Results!

  • Optimal Outcome for Agents and Advisors -  Our comprehensive business coaching program for growing an agency is packed with tools, systems, and best practices that enable agents and advisors to achieve extraordinary success.  Agents in Optimal Outcome often see an increase in production, have a higher percentage of clients retained, and achieve a balance that eliminates burnout.  In addition, agents are able to collaborate with their business coach to ensure that the program isn't just about education, but about implementing the best practices to thrive.
  • Field Leader Optimal Outcome -  Looking for different results? Do you want to:
    • Grow your region?
    • Achieve more, but work less?

Field Leaders will find Optimal Outcome will help build internal teams as well as assist in creating a plan to surpass recruiting and training development goals.

  • Field Leader Value Added Series -  learn more about a no cost and no obligation, yet easy way to add value to your field of advisors.  Designed specifically for the financial services industry this is a great way for busy field leaders to add value and promote the value they already bring to their team.
  • Seminars -  If you're looking for ways to develop your team through regional meetings we offer three seminars that focus helping agents grow their agency and increase production.  We also offer our services to create customized seminars.
  • Webinars -  We offer webinars designed to help agents grow their business.  Field leaders can request a private webinar for their team or use them as a resource to plug agents into the developmental training that they need. We also offer our services to create customized webinars.


Why Us?

While our coaching center has been helping businesses achieve success since 1999, we started working extensively in the financial service industry in 2006.  Encouraged by the success their agents and advisors experienced, one of our partners challenged us to create a program specifically designed for the insurance and financial service industry, which we call Optimal Outcome.  It was through this work we began to work closely with field leaders and through the needs of field leaders, home offices, and agents we developed a comprehensive tool box for field leaders in the financial service industry.

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