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Experience – Expertise - Entrepreneurial Mindset

Benchmark Business Group has worked with and supported hundreds of financial service Agents and Advisors to grow their business. Our expertise is in understanding and unleashing the entrepreneur within the small business owner. That same expertise, combined with our systemic consulting services is brought into the corporate environment to enable the leaders and internal teams and distribution managers to understand the small business owner; the Agent and Advisor that takes their product to market...

Our work with Agents and Advisors focuses on designing their Agencies for growth through adding producers and enabling their team to be an active and productive part of the sales process. The result of this business design increases product sales and client retention, grows the number of new clients generated, and Agencies put in place the business processes that retain employees and provide sustainable growth. Agents and Advisors grow their businesses and companies that actively foster the producer organization model will experience consistent and more predictable growth

How easy are you to do business with?

In our experience, the key to consistent growth starts with companies understanding the business needs of their Agents and Advisors. From that understanding, distribution management teams are able to put in place strategies and systems to make it easier for Agents and Advisors to access, promote, sell, and deliver their products to consumers. Topping that off with having the internal teams that deliver an extraordinary experience to the consumer adds value and creates trust between product providers and their captive or contracted small business owner Agents and Advisors.

Benchmark Business Group Consulting

Benchmark consultants work with companies to bridge the gaps that exist between the mindset of the small business Agency owners, and their distribution and internal teams.

  • Field Distribution Management Coaching and Consulting

Field distribution managers and independent marketing organizations work with our consultants to adopt new strategies and techniques for distinguishing themselves from the cacophony of competitors in their marketplace. Territory managers that can organize and prioritize their time and resources will maximize their ability to impact the Agencies they support. Coaching and consulting for field distribution units include strategic and tactical approaches to creating and maintaining meaningful Agency relationships, developing strategies for maximizing territories, onboarding new Agents/Advisors, and expanding skills for leading and managing.

  • Financial Service Product Provider Coaching and Consulting

Working with both public and private corporations, our Consultants have led strategic planning sessions, redesigned distribution strategies, trained and established Systems Teams to focus on systems design and documentation, and coached leaders and managers to break through personal and professional barriers to take themselves and their teams to the next level of success.

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