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Our Process

We make the process of selling your business as simple as possible:


1.    Confidentiality

Start with a confidential, no-obligation, conversation with one of our experienced business brokers.  Confidentiality is something we take very seriously and we are diligent in protecting your vital business relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, banks, creditors, and others. In our initial conversation we want to understand your unique situation and motivations and commit to holding all conversations confidential

2.  Opinion of Value

To ensure you have the information you need to make the best decision for yourself and your business, we provide you with a confidential Opinion of Value reflective of the top price a buyer might pay in today's market. For business owners in one of our market areas there are no up-front costs for this service. Even if you decide not to proceed with selling your business we are confident you will call us when you are ready in the future.

3.    Listing Agreement

When you sign an exclusive listing agreement with us, you will be able to continue to run your business as usual in order to maintain its value. Your broker will begin gathering your business information and working with our marketing team to assess our active pool of pre-qualified buyers. 

4.    Presentation Packaging and Marketing

The presentation of your business can influence why a buyer may choose your business over another. At BBG our marketing team works with you and your broker to gather key business information and identify the unique selling points of your business. Attractive packaging of your business information and maximum exposure to interested buyers is critical to getting the attention of qualified buyers. Your business is marketed through methods designed to attract buyers while protecting the identity of your business. Upon your approval, your business listing will be made available to our ready-to-buy, pre-qualified buyers and be posted on our website along with other major business listing web sites, without divulging your specific name or location.

5.  Communication

Your BBG Broker will keep in close contact with you regarding buyers interested in your business and to discuss buyer questions and offers. While you’re running your business the BBG team is working to attract and qualify buyers, conduct the initial conversations and schedule meetings with you to meet interested buyers. Tours of your business are scheduled with your approval and at a time convenient for you.

6.    Preparing For The Sale

BBG Sellers are given the unique opportunity to participate in our proprietary Seller Insights Coaching. These complimentary coaching sessions give you industry insights into what buyers will want to know and help to prepare you to confidently navigate the common seller mistakes that prevent a deal from taking place. Here's what some of our sellers say about this program:  "I found the Seller Insights coaching process with BBG to be very impressive. The videos were very informative and gave excellent insights as to how the process of selling my business will go." and "Some of the messages conveyed in the process have already helped me to think differently about my business and to view it through the eyes of a buyer. I am glad I went through the program and I look forward to reviewing my notes and learnings as I meet with buyers."

7.    Negotiating Offers and Closing Deals

Benchmark Business Group will facilitate all buyer negotiations. Our goal is to minimize disruption of your daily business operations and support you in evaluating offers from buyers. Once you accept an offer from a buyer, our team goes to work to move the deal through the due diligence process and to the closing table. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Working with the attorneys and accountants for both buyer and seller to ensure both parties receive relevant information and are taking action to provide both parties with their expertise.

  • Facilitating buyer financing. Deals sometimes fall apart because buyers run into common obstacles when obtaining financing. Our brokers are experienced in helping buyers through this issue.

  • Coordinating and managing the due diligence process so all parties move through this process in an orderly manner.

  • Managing the preparations leading to closing the sale, including the creation of closing statements, proration calculations, working with attorneys to produce final documents in a timely manner, and ensuring all other details (inspections, loan contingencies, etc.) are being addressed.

  • Serving as liaison with the buyer's lender to ensure that the funding is handled professionally and with low risk for all parties.

The BBG Business Brokers have managed the closings on hundreds of business acquisitions in the Midwest. We are prepared and happy to assist with the important elements needed for a clean conveyance. If you're thinking about selling your business, contact our business brokerage department today to have a confidential and discrete discussion with one of our business brokers.

Selling Your Business

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