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What is the Value Builder Score

How Sellable is your Business?

The Value Builder Score is a system that is designed to baseline the sellability of your business and teach you to understand what drives the value of your business.



Business owners deserve to sell their business for maximum value when it comes time for them to exit their business, but what we know is that some businesses sell for more than others. As a business owner, you need to know how to design your business to be sellable.  Whether you want to sell your business in the immediate future or 25 years from now, this assessment will help you understand what drives or even undermines the value of your business.


What is the Value Builder Score?

Increase Business Value with Value Builder Score


The Value Builder Score is part of the Value Builder assessment, which was created by John Warrillow following his best-selling business book, “Built to Sell”. It focuses on 8 Key Drivers, which studies have shown to influence the value of a business when it goes to sell.  In a study of 30,000+ businesses, those that score, or improve their score, to 80 or higher go on to sell their business at a 71% premium compared to average-scoring businesses.

Knowing Your Score Allows Business Owners to:

  1. Design your business to be more valuable than industry peers.
  2. Discover the hidden assets that increase the value of your business.
  3. Spot the silent killers that drive your business value down.

Taking the Value Builder Score

Getting your Value Builder Score only takes 15 minutes.  Receive your complimentary score now OR contact us to have one of our Certified Value Builder Advisors walk you through the assessment today.  There is no financial cost to receive your score.  After you’ve taken the Value Builder Score, one of our Certified Value Builder Advisors will be in touch to discuss next steps and our Value Realized Coaching.


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