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Susan Clements

Partner / Chief Executive Officer

Susan Clements

Susan Clements is co-owner and Chief Executive Officer for Benchmark Business Group, LLC, a business coaching and business brokerage Company serving small to mid-size businesses.  Susan became a certified Senior E-Myth Consultant in 2002 and provides operational and strategic coaching and consulting services to businesses owners and leaders throughout the United States. 

For more than thirty-five years, Susan has managed or owned businesses in Colorado and Iowa, from guest ranches and ski resorts, to commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance companies, to retail shops; and from industrial construction company office administration to public utility administration. She has experienced and steered large and small businesses through a broad spectrum of management problems, personnel issues, customer service challenges, strategic planning, and opportunities for growth and change.  She co-founded Benchmark Business Group, LLC in 1999, which further acquired The Henderson Business Group name and other assets in 2011, to add the dimension of a business brokerage unit to the Company.

In addition to serving as C.E.O. and Operations Director for Benchmark Business Group, Susan heads product development, and is a Senior Business Analyst. She is Value Builder certified and advises clients and staff on business strengths and weaknesses, and strategies for designing businesses to have more value, and improving value and saleability of businesses listed for sale. 

To contact Susan Clements to learn more about business coaching, consulting services, buying or selling a business, or about any of the other multitude of services Benchmark Business Group offers, call (515)-288-6984.

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