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...changed the outlook and focus of our entire management team

By Dennis Reidel, Business Owner

The E-Myth Mastery Impact Program has changed the outlook and focus of our entire management team. Discussions now cover not only where we want to go, but how we are going to get there. The program helped us to realize that if we wanted to get away from constantly putting out fires, we needed to implement a systematic approach to the way we run our business. This approach is helping in the training of our employees and in holding them more accountable to the results that our business needs.  In addition to the program, our Coach has been a great addition to the team. Having that outside source of objectivity, our Coach has been a sounding board for ideas but also a partner in accountability for our entire management team.

Dennis W. Reidel
Midwest Roofing Company and Affiliates
Mason City, IA

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