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...definitely a big believer

By Scott Cierzan, Business Owner

“E-Myth Mastery has been a great thing.  I am a lot more willing to share the vision I have for my business, because the vision is defined.  I can communicate to my employees where we stand and where we are going, and my employees appreciate that.  Being able to do that has created a good situation for us.  I have taken the leadership of the company much more seriously.  Actually, I am a lot more comfortable being the leader because I know where I am taking the business…I am definitely a big believer in it.  There are a lot of business programs out there, but this one is nice because there is no travel associated with it.  I am very, very satisfied with it.  It’s really helping me and my business, and I am very excited about it.”                                                                               

FirstCall Construction, Inc.
Des Moines, Iowa

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