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E-Myth put it all into perspective for m

By Steve Shriver, Business Owner

“Through doing E-Myth Mastery I became the owner of my business rather than an employee of my business, and that was what I was striving for—I just didn’t know how to achieve it.  E-Myth put it all into perspective for me….It substantially impacted our level of clarity in what we offer our customers.  It helped me to more effectively communicate my vision of the company, and where I wanted it to go, to my employees….Having an E-Myth Coach is almost like having a manager to help me make decisions.  The great thing is that it wasn’t my Coach telling me what to do.  It was my Coach asking me the right questions that got me to self-discover the right answer…I actually tried to sell the concept of the E-Myth Mastery Program to two other businesses.  I just told them you don’t even realize what you are missing because I can’t tell you what your business needs—you will discover that for yourself in doing the E-Myth Mastery Program.”
Raining Rose, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa  

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