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..equivalent skills of an MBA degree

By Bill Taber, Business Owner

E-Myth Mastery coaching has focused me on developing the skills and the mindset to lead others.  E-Myth has effectively provided me with the equivalent skills of an MBA degree offered in a real life, real time, and enjoyable setting.  I have learned that our business is a system of integrated systems and to view improvement in our business systemically.  The Key Frustrations Process is a very valuable tool for resolving difficult business issues.  It helps you to rise above the level of a problem and focus on workable solutions.  Learning to think systemically has helped our investment advisory company to grow.  E-Myth coaching is a solid investment in our future!  I am very grateful to our coach and team for their expert, caring, and attentive service.   Thank You!

Bill Taber
Taber Asset Management

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