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Frustrations no longer linger in my business

By John Gregory, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

E-Myth Mastery Impact has been a huge investment that has paid for itself many times over.  Frustrations no longer linger in my business.  When frustrations occurred in the past, they would continually pop up over and over again.  The program taught me how to step back from the situation and analyze it so that a solution could be found and the frustration eliminated for good.  The Mastery Impact program challenged my way of thinking and enabled my business to stretch beyond its known limits, taking us both to the next level.  This would not have been possible without my Coach’s ability to hold me accountable to the goals we established. I see my Coach as a teammate with valuable insight and the ability to talk through and reposition a situation so that it makes sense not only to me, but my business as well.  The single most important thing I learned in the E-Myth Mastery Impact program is be careful what you dream, you just might get it.


John Gregory
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent
Glenwood, IA

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