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...going to live in my business forever

By Greg Yuter, Business Owner

...going to live in my business forever

Prior to getting involved in the E-Myth, things were pretty chaotic. We had some systems in place because we are a franchise, but we definitely needed to build upon those and organize our office and the E-Myth has substantially helped us to get to that point.  It helped me get organized, feel more confident and look at things more objectively.  Working with an E-Myth coach I have the ability to bounce questions around and to think through the problem on a different level so that I get another perspective.  The ability just to organize, systemize, and many other things that I’ve learned are just a very, very small cost if any a cost at all to me for what it’s going to ultimately produce.   It’s just been a really great experience and I know everything I’m learning is going to live in my business forever. It will help us in countless amounts of ways and will continue to help us

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