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...has over exceeded my expectations

By Rich Lorenzen, Business Owner

“E-Myth Mastery is incredible!  My business was disorganized chaos, and now I am able to take a different approach and look at my business more systematically.  It’s given an insight into all aspects of the business, from the simple to the complex.  I understand and know more about operating and financial statements.  I know and understand my cost.  I have a more definite idea of who my customer is, how they make a decision, how to market to them, and how to put together the right mix, with the right words, with the right media.  It’s already made a direct impact with my radio ads….The investment I am making in the E-Myth Program grows my business and my profits, and at the same time it’s getting me to a point where I can be free from my business…It has over exceeded my expectations!”                                                                             

Quality Water Services, Inc.
Lincoln, Nebraska
November, 2002

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