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largest net income year

By Larry Marshall, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

E-Myth has taught me to look at my business a whole different way, to quantify some things that I used to just trust to my gut instincts. Some of those of course were wrong. With my coach I re-look at efficiencies and work on making the business serve my life. There have been some years in the last dozen where I think I’ve served my business. As a leader I listen better and talk with my staff more frequently and am encouraging their continued growth. I now have staff members doing things I never dreamed they were capable of. I am making much better use of my staff. We are all trying to do the most important things, for the most important reasons.   I was doing a client interview yesterday at lunch, which by the way, I didn’t have to arrange. My staff arranged that lunch appointment without my help. My client is a pentathlon coach and former world champion himself, a double Olympian. I asked him what he had to do and what the kids he coaches have to do to be so successful. He said it’s simple, "Show up. Work". That’s kind of like my coach, she listens to me and has me commit to clear goals. This week I set a goal of ten multi-line appointments by the end of the week. That was on Tuesday and two days later I’m doing the eleventh one. We quantified what I needed to be doing and put a target out there. Low and behold, I’m going to exceed it. So it’s a little baby step, but it’s on the path of getting my business to serve me. E-Myth has already been a great investment. This year we’re going to have the best gross income year in my 34 year career. With my E-Myth training, I’m also working to make it the largest net income year. Next year, my business will be serving my golf, fishing, and hunting life better.

Larry Marshall
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

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