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By Mike Immel, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Before E-Myth I was just doing it day in and day out the same old thing over and over again and just content with where I was at and kind of accepting that was the level I would be at for the rest of my career. Since then I have made dramatic changes. I’ve moved to a new office, hired a new sales person, have set new goals and objectives, and it’s really just turned things around, made it more exciting, production is up, and enthusiasm is up.   So my business has changed that dramatically.  It's difficult if you get in a rut to accept change and want to change, but actually there are more opportunities if you go through the changes. I think an E-Myth coach is essential. Most people are procrastinators and unless you have the coach and the agenda to follow, I don’t think anything would get accomplished. I mean you can buy the books and read them but unless you have the coach to hold you accountable, chances are you won’t implement anything in your business. The majority of us are accountable people and we want to do the right thing, but we need to have that kind of score mentality. If it should be done by a certain date then do it or else, especially with the investment we have in it.

Mike Immel
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

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