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professional development opportunity for the business owner

By Drew McLellan, Business Owner

E-Myth Mastery coaching has allowed us to build a structure to better monitor and keep track of all of the business details that we were just sort of letting happen - as opposed to tracking them.  As a solo entrepreneur I don’t have a business partner so there really aren’t very many people in my world that I can talk with about a lot of elements of my business. I’m not going to talk to my friends about money. I’m not going to talk to my peers about staff issues. My coaching relationship is a safe and informed place for me to go with my worries and concerns and ideas.  I can explore them and sort them all out with the help of someone else who’s reflecting back and asking good questions. It allows me to get my head straight about certain things, holds me accountable and keeps me on task.   E-Myth is teaching me how to view my business as a means to an end as opposed to the end.  The Mastery Program and working with a business coach allows you to customize your own continuing education around the areas where, perhaps, you are not as strong as your business needs you to be.  In the end it’s a professional development opportunity for the business owner, just like you expect your employees to continue to get better, E-Myth Mastery enables a business owner to develop themselves as well as their business.

Drew McLellan
McLellan Marketing Group

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